Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Everyone Else is doing it

So I find myself checking other people's blogs on a regular basis and I realized that there might actually be people out there who would want to read mine. Maybe.. I actually think my biggest selling point is I have cute baby pictures. Not to mention I am incredibly witty. Ok that might be a lie. So this is for all you people who have been harassing me to send out updates on Jonathan, you can find them here!

Today.. Jonathan slept for an amazing 20 hours (not in a row) and cried for only1 (the other 3 he was either eating or staring into space--he is really cute when he does that. I have learned that this kid has radar for any time I am sitting down to eat. He knows it and starts screaming... I am not kidding... others have confirmed it.

So for those of you who are dying to see... here are a few photos you may have not seen before. I promise to do my best to keep a steady stream, but it is hard because right now... he is just sleeping and eating (you wont' see any pictures of this.. this event is only viewable live and definitely not posted on the internet.. there are a few things even I won't do).


Michelle said...

You better watch out--the next step is a mini van and a short hair cut.

Laura Lee said...

man o man those are some wicked great pictures! i mean, really! sooooo crazy great! some great photographing going on, for real!