Friday, September 10, 2010

A Humongous pain in my hieney: email change part 1

So first of all, it has come to my attention that I don't actually know how to spell the word "heiney", is it "ei" or "ie". You will have to excuse my ignorance.
Anyway, back to my butt pain. A lot of you know Everette and I (and others) have begun the process of changing our email addresses. If you didn't know, then FYI my email address is megan@elmillsdotnet. Surprise! Everette has owned his own domain since before he could drive (ok maybe not that long, but close) and he hosts email addresses for several other people as well (pretty much my whole family). We sent a letter to those people, the first thing we did was apologize for the pain in the butts we had caused. My original draft said "huge pain in the butt" but Everette edited it to "moderate" (I hate censorship).
But I still maintain that this is a huge pain in the butt! For two reasons, 1. it is   2. I like to be melodramatic
I suppose it might not be so huge relative to other things, but it is highly annoying.
So for the next few days I will be using this blog to whine about how hard my life is.

Feel free to stop coming by if you want. But if you are one of those people being forced to change you might find some helpful hints.

Reason #1 for my pains
The actual transfer itself is pretty easy, (details to come shortly) but once Everette transferred my emails and folders the menu on my .Net account looked like this:

You can see on the left side there a bazillion folders and some duplicate. This majorly stressed me out.

I was whining to Everette and he showed me how to hide them.
(just drag the folder to where it says 62 more, then they will all be hidden)
But I still was not satisfied, just knowing they were there and all disorganized bothered me immensely. What if I needed to shuffle through them or search them, and how do I file my new emails?
Everette pointed out that I don't need to organize them, because the google search tool is so effective you can just type any word from the email you are trying to locate, and you don't need them to be organized. This is coming from a man who keeps EVERY email, and for years have filed them by year and then by month on Thunderbird.
So I asked him what he did now. He simply clicks the Archive button and they disappear. Waiting to be accessed at the click of a button.

Stay tuned for more tails of woe.

There will be more trust me!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For my demanding Fan base

I have some very needy fans. Seriously. They demand more frequent posting than once a month. I think they need help. But they are also a little scary so I try to appease them.
I am currently too busy to post.
Too busy watching the hair on my toes grow (yes-it's true, I have hair growing on my toes).
So I will just leave you with this little story that happened this morning.
Well it started a few weeks ago when our vacuum broke. More specifically it broke on a Friday afternoon right before we had two different groups of company coming over. Did I mention we have a dog?
I asked Everette to look at the vacuum, and he promised he would. But he too was busy. Busy, working, and hanging shelves in the laundry room, and planting lettuce in the garden. Clearly, nothing important.
So fast forward two weeks to Labor Day weekend, and our floor is approaching dirty gas station outdoor bathroom status.. which is dirty--even for me.
Everette finally begins to take the vacuum apart. Upon which he discovers a GIGANTIC..and I mean gigantic, and totally disgusting ball of dirt and dog hair, with a few of my hairs to tie it all up nice and tight clogging the hose attachment, cutting down on the suction of the whole operation.
Everette detached  the hose from the vacuum and attempted to dislodge the ball by shoving a broom handle through the hose. The ball would not dislodge.
Not until Everette broke it apart with a screwdriver could he plunge it with the broom handle. It was beyond gross. I told Everette he was my hero, and asked him if he would have my love child. He informed me that we had already crossed that bridge and we proceeded to clean all the filters and start fresh.
This morning I was reassembling the vacuum so I could sweep my grody floors.  I found I was missing one important piece. I was pretty confident that Jonathan had moved it somewhere, but I was less than confident in his ability to recall where said piece was left. You would not believe the Jonathan-directed-treasure hunts I have been on in search of a lost sippy cup.
So I continued to scour the downstairs. After a while, I figured I wouldn't be out much if I asked him, at this point I had already sent myself on a wild goose chase.
So I held up another piece that looked similar and asked Jonathan if he had seen it.
"yes" was his reply.
Not too suprised (He ALWAYS says yes)
I asked him where he put it.
In the most casual, matter-of-fact way any toddler can muster, he said, "I put it in the car" and he tossed his hand causally in the direction of his Cozy Coupe.
Skeptical,  I headed over there. But as I leaned over, sure enough! There was the missing piece.
You just never know.