Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Age Old Question

It is the age old Question... People have pondered it for centuries, possibly since the beginning of time. Many a scientist have hypothesized, but still the mystery remains. How does one choreograph the dance of the wet baby and the hooded bath towel? First there is the dilemna of reaching for the towel while your baby is still in the bath tub. Only Gumby could attempt such a feat. Then does one reach into the tub to get the baby and risk soaking the towel, or does one pick up the baby and sacrifice one's clothes as the first defense against wet baby while jockeying the towel into position? This question is much like the quest for the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The true miracle of conception

We all know that the conception of a baby is a miracle. But I am telling you the true miracle of conception is that it ever happens more than once! I am telling you babies have in innate sense. Even if there are no extracurricular activities planned, the moment your head hits the pillows (or worse, the moment you finally get comfortable) that alarm goes off and they are awake. The other obstacle is that babies are not stupid. They know that snuggling is way more fun than sleeping in a bed all by yourself (one more piece of evidence that we were created for fellowship with one another). Babies would so much rather sleep right next to someone where they can feel their warmth, heartbeat, and rhythmic breathing. This is THE most effective form of birth control. I cannot for the life of me figure out how people in other cultures (who all sleep in the bed together) ever add a fourth or a fifth or a sixth.Even if you did find the energy. I mean in our house you might as well have rerouted the Grand Canyon right through our bed. There is no cross to bridge this great divide. Too high.. can't go over it, too wide can't go around it. You might as well call it a night. Speaking of, its about midnight.

Family fun

My brother and sister-in-law spent last weekend in FLorida for her younger brother's wedding. For part of the time Everette and I watched Mary. My sister was watching Elijah. SO we spent some time together. We had a great time! My niece and nephew are the best!
One of the things Mary did the night she spent with us was to take a bath in our GIANT bath tub. She loved it. We had bubbles and jets. It was super fun. SHe told me that she never wanted to get out, even if it meant never seeing her parents again! (I think the bubbles were getting to her). She changed her mind when the hot water started getting colder.
Anyway, the next day Elijah had to come over and take a bath too! It was only fair. I finally got smart and took pictures of him. He loved it too! He was doing laps and relaxing. He tried hard to keep the splashing to a minimum.
Here are some pictures.He found the pillow so he had to "relax" in the tub

He was swimming laps in the tub, one time he got a little too carried away and bumped his head.

Here he was floating!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby News

So we have a few things to report.
Jonathan is officially 4 months now. What a fun month it has been. He can now reach and grab things. He loves his kick-n-play. He coos and goos all the time! He has started drooling like nobody's business. He smiles and almost laughs. He can almost roll over, he can defniately rock and roll. Which brings me to my first item. We have had our first official tumble. Daddy was watching him on Tuesday and he laid him on the chair in the office (he was asleep). The next thing Everette knew he heard a thud and Jonathan was face down on the floor. All was well. Another cute aside. Max jumped up and gave a loud bark when Jonathan fell and was licking him before Everette could even get to him.
Jonathan has also started sucking his fingers. It is pretty cute.
even if this picture is not.

We go to the doctor next Monday for our four month check up. It will be interesting to see how much Jonathan weighs... it feels like a ton! I have attached a few recent pictures. Most of them around bath time.

Big Boy! Standing up!!

He has outgrown the baby tub! Now it's time for baths in the big boy tub!

For you sweetie!

I love my husband.... a lot. But his intensity is hard to deal with. His brain goes a million miles a minute and it rarely, if ever, stops. This paired with the fact that he feels totally comfortable with me and he is home all day leaves me with a daily barrage of etymological vomit. I have come to realize that he doesn't mean to sound critical, he just thinks about everything and he thinks that everyone else (or at least me) wants to be as on top of everything as he is. So he just shares his thoughts (for improvement's sake), for example... in the last five minutes he has commented on the creaminess of the sherbet I just brought him... it is different and not as good as the stuff I normally buy (he was in a quandary when I pointed out that it was the same stuff I bought for the past few years--only recently had I begun to purchase a different brand-he was able to determine--that he, in fact, likes the new kind better, it is less creamy, for this he has my undying gratitude for now I am better able to buy the most perfect sherbet of all). He then immediately asked me, "when are you going to blog again?" To this I replied, "I dunno, why" (don't ask me why I added that last word--it isn't like he wouldn't have told me anyway--sometimes I think I am masochistic).
He then said, "If you want people to come to your site you have to keep posting all the time."
To this I then said, completely calmly due to my infinite patience, "my blog is for me, I post when I want to (I apologize for ending my statement with a preposition). So sweetie, here is my post.. for you, about you.
Thank you for being exactly who you are, one giant ball of pent up energy bouncing around smacking people in the back of the head.
No seriously... I really do love you, and your big ole brain. You are brilliant, and generous, and sweet (when no one is watching). Thanks for everything you do, and everything you give me. Besides, what would I write about on my blog if I didn't have you for comedic material?
p.s. Kudos to me for writing a blog with the most parenthetical expressions and runon sentences!

p.p.s. also.. my condolences to the family of Heath Ledger, and to the thousands of other families whose loved ones die unnoticed by the rest of the world.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold Hearted

Sometimes I even amaze myself. I have always considered myself to be pretty strong. I don't jump up the minute my son sticks his bottom lip out. I have let him cry a little and kept my sanity. But there is something about your kid being sick. He has been congested for a while but recently there has been some chunk in his cough. It is pitiful, I am not sure who is worse...him or me! Everytime I hear him rattle even the slightest, my heart melts. He just seems so helpless. I am sure that this is only the beginning of this feeling, that I will find myself feeling this way at times for the rest of his life. Here goes!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


It is sad when your 4 month-old is more stylish than you... and the size of his wardrobe could rival those seen on "Cribs." During out visit with Aunt Nancy, I noticed that Jonathan's clothes were getting a little tight. Actually, his toes were getting smooshed. So when I got home I shifted his wardrobe up to 3-6 months. Boy has he hit paydirt. Apparantly everyone we know bought him something in 3-6. When I had pulled the tags off of everything and got ready to wash, he literally had a mountain of clothes. Suddenly I am feeling very pressured to make sure that he wears everything before he outgrows it. No more little sleepers. He has jeans and bibs and cords and collared shirts. I am considering a challenge to myself to see if it is possible to dress him in everything he has before I do any laundry. Or maybe he can wear a new outfit everyday until he moves up to the next size. YIkes!

For now.... here are some naked pictures I took in Cleveland!

Monday, January 7, 2008

A rant on the word "chillaxin"

First a tangent... I am using a different computer to post this particular post, and of course my blog isn't bookmarked so as I lazily typed in the url, I realized I had forgotten the ".blogspot". Much to my overwhelming joy I landed on the officialy JEM website and was greeted by the glorious theme song. I miss that show.

Now on to more pressing issues. I realize that I may offend someone hear, but hey... it's my blog. I am currently in Cleveland OH visiting my aunt, uncle and cousin. Everette has a weeklong business trip, so we packed up the truck and drove over on Saturday and Everette flew out from here. Today was a glorious day, of doing nothing. I was here all day with Jonathan. It was fabulous. There was no laundry to do, no dishes to wash, Jonathan and I went on a walk, and best of all.... the remote was ALL mine!!!!!!! I have been watching football for almost a week straight. And while I enjoyed it, i also enjoyed watching reruns of Gilmore girls and Everybody Loves Raymond. Which brings me to the title of this post. I guess you could say I was "chillaxin", but I hate that word. It seems to be popping up everywhere. I will admit that it is a clever combination, but for some reason it irks me.
I tend te be annoyed by new words. For instance I hate the slang word "pics"I don't know why but I refuse to use it. And alarmingly I have found myself slipping.
On the other hand with all of the terrible things in the world you would think I would have better things to do than to be obsessed with odd or stupid sounding words. However I cannot stop myself. It is like nails on a chalkboard. Maybe there is some truth to the nickname my brother gave me. I seemed to be obsessed with speech. (my nickname, by the way, is "Queen Megan Elizabeth Keeper of the Audible Speech--which to me always seemed ironic considering there are few people I know that talk more than he does)
So to sum up... I got to watch TV with control of the remote, I hate the words "chillaxin" and "pics".

Stay tuned for more pics of my adorable son (please note the irony)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blair Witch Photo

I came across this picture from a couple of months ago. Although completely unintentional, hilarious nonetheless. p.s. does anyone think that it is odd that "nonetheless" is actually one whole word?