Monday, April 27, 2009

A Follow-up To the Celebrity Sighting

So, TV is a funny thing. It brings strangers into your home on a regular basis; you get to know them and form relationships with them. What you don't realize until you are confronted by this, is that these relationships are entirely one sided.
Mike "brennley" is is one of those delightfully goofy characters, we love to poke fun at in our home, the way a teacher ribs his favorite student. He is somewhat of a fixture in our home. When the rain comes 8 hours after it was predicted, we just say, "oh Mike". He and his weather forcast have quietly slipped in under the radar and made themselves a regular part of our home. I have seen him out and about in the community, but he was always working. This was the first time I saw him doing regular human things, when I saw him at Marsh. Here's how it all went down.
It was Friday evening and Everette dropped me off at Marsh while I ran in to grab a few things for dinner with his parents. I was rushing around as usual, because I get all delirious when I am actually at a store without my kid, and suddenly a bajillion things rush into my brain that I need to do/get when he is not around, then I get all panicky because I know Everette is waiting in the car and I always try to grab one more thing while I am just "running in real quick". Suddenly in a bright royal blue shirt coming from the other direction I spotted "him". I quickly looked away as one avoids looking directly into the sun. I was walking at a brisk pace (ok Everette you can stop laughing now) headed toward the cereal aisle looking for oatmeal (obviously a household essential--ok confession I was getting grits for Everette, but I figured 60% of the ten people who read [yes I know that is 6] this would be like "what are grits?") when suddenly Mike (who was talking quite loudly on his cell phone) cut me off and turned into the cereal aisle too! He was walking in that "I'm talking on my cell phone and completely oblivious to everything else around me stop in the middle of the aisle" gait and literally stopped right in front of the oatmeal. Which caused me to jerk my cart backto avoid crashing into Mikey. That would have been emabarassing!
So then I was unsure of what to do next. Do I treat him like I would any other person in my way, speaking in that mousey total stranger polite voice, "excuse me." Pretending that I had no idea who he was. Would he be insulted that I didn't recognzie him or ask for his autograph? Or do I say, "Hey Mike, what ever happened to that 12 feet of snow you predicted? Have fun in Florida, oh by the way, could you move, you are blocking the oatmeal?" I even thought, I kid you not, about saying, "hey I am Bob Greene's daughter, you know that weird guy that talks to you at the gym." But then I figured there were probably several other wierd guys that talked to him at the gym and I didn't want him to associate me with any of them. Plus seriously how dumb is that?
Then I realized that I needed to make some decision because he would realize that I was just standing there behind him, like a stalker. Then I realized that I was acting like a weird stalker, and I figured he thought so too, so I started to blush and get all embarrassed.
Thankfully P-Dawg moved on down to the frosted flakes and I was able to apprehend the oatmeal and the grits without having to actually speak. I caught my breath and my knees regained their strength. And I left feeling sad that I didn't say, "thanks Mike for all the good times, we're gonna miss ya!"
So Mike Prangley if you ever google your name and this obscure blogpost pops up (which is unlikely since I hardly call you by your real name), That was me, the weird girl with the oatmeal in the grocery store, and thanks for all the good times, we'll miss your golden shovel!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Celebrity Sighting

I was in the grocery store this evening picking up a few things for dinner, I headed to the cereal aisle to grab some oatmeal, when someone turned in front of me. They too stopped at the oatmeal. I was flushed with excitement, and felt myself blushing at the sight of this famous person. I was starstruck. They were chatting on the phone so no pleasantries were exchanged, but I did manage to grab the same box of oatmeal their fingers grazed. I will be selling it for millions on ebay later.
Who is it? I bet you are dying to know. Guess! Guess! Guess!

Shhh! Those of you who already know!!!

Stay tuned for the answer. Leave your guesses here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Glutton for punishment

Subtitled: I am an idiot.

So Tuesday Everette told me he was going to the Young Life Thankathon on Thursday at 6:30 (rember this for later). It is basically when all YL student leaders and metro committee members (that's Everette) call every sponser to thank them for donating to young life. Everette asked me if I would be willing to make brownies or cookies. It wasn't a big deal, but it might be nice. No pressure. I thought I had enough time and it wouldn't be a big deal (there are 50 student leaders). So I bought some brownie mixes with all the best intentions.
They never happened. But I still couldn't let it go. So at 4 PM today (remember 6:30) I decided I could "whip" up a batch of oatmeal cookies. Anyone remember how cookies are my specialty?!
I was inspired and decided I could make two different kinds out of the same basic mix. Chocolate chip/m&m (what you get when you only have two partial bags and you have to combine). And Craisins and peanuts. Not a bad combo.
Here is something else I forgot to mention. At 8 PM some friends from church who are getting married were coming over to meet with us about pictures and audio for the ceremony.
They were coming to my house, a house that I already cleaned once.
I remembered this when I dropped my third mixing bowl into the sink.
Too Late! Oh yeah, at 5 I had to start making dinner too! Plus Jonathan was running around dragging every Tupperware and utensil out of it's respective cabinet and drawer, using every toy possible, not to mention climbing on the chair, to the table!
So as I kept trucking on the cookies, I threw together some stir-fry. However, the cookies I made on the airbake pan spread out super thin (because the butter was too soft) and turned to baked on sludge (delicious sludge--to be sure, but sludge nonetheless). This was when I decided that I HATE HATE HATE airbake pans and I threw them in the trash (when Everette asked why I didn't donate them to goodwill I told him because then I would have had to scrape the baked on sludge off of the pans AND wash them, this cut down on clean up). So I threw the dough in the freezer as well as the empty regular pans (in an effort to cool them down before baking more cookies). The 8 dozen cookies (minus the baked sludge) were finished and I was trying to find a container to put them in, I kept misjudging the quantity and it took me three tries to find a container they would all fit in. The other two ended up, where else? In the sink.
Dinner was ready and at this moment Jonathan had a major meltdown. He was in his chair throwing a fit about food. Everette was going toe-to-toe with him, and I was feeling very much like this...
So I took the opportunity to step out into the garage take a few deeps breaths and waited for the crying to stop and I felt more like this...
And I walked back into the kitchen.

We ate and Everette ran out the door. I turned around and saw this...
Then I looked at the clock, it was 6:30. Then I looked at my son's disgusting black fingernails.
Then I looked for a place to hide. I climbed under the table. Then the dog licked me, then I remembered that the dog sometimes eats poop. Then I sighed and climbed out from under the table. Then I sighed again.

So I did an old trick. I set the timer for 15 minutes, telling myself that after 15 minutes I would go up and put jonathan to bed, and change my clothes. I can endure anything for 15 minutes.
So I started loading the dishwasher and washing the dishes in the sink, I started wiping the counters when I looked up at the time thinking, "surely 15 minutes is up by now" I had 7 minutes left.
A few minutes after the timer beeped, I was finished with the kitchen and ready to take my kid up to the tub. Now my kitchen looks like this...
(For the record, this is not really my kitchen. Like I had time to actually take a photo of my kitchen before OR after! But this one is pretty isn't it?)

I even picked up all the toys Jonathan had spread across the floor. It was only 6:50. I had time to rest for a few minutes after Jonathan went to bed and before I had to start the coffee and review my notes.
All in a day's work.
This is called "irony".

Blood and Guts

Warning: this post is not for the faint of heart.

A few weeks ago Everette and I were at My brother and sister-in-law's house when my nephew's second tooth fell out, it was super loose and he finally got the guts to pull it out. Of course blood and celebration ensued. I had my camera handy, so I thought, why not?

Here you can see the tooth hole right after the whole ordeal went down. There was not an abundance of blood, but there was plenty to go around...

Here is the bloody tissue used to sop up the blood from the tooth, notice the slobber as well. Not to mention that ridiculously proud look on his face.
Now standby for the closeup...
Congratulations, Elijah! Sometimes I just can't get over how grown up you are!
I love you!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saving the Planet, one Bag at a time.

For Christmas I got reusable shopping bags. To some this might be considered a super lame gift. They, however, have not seen MY reusable shopping bags.
MY reusable Shopping bags are beautiful! They might possibly be the coolest bags I own, and I own a lot of bags. My brother and sister-in-law got them for me. I had just come to the point where I thought I might be ready for the responsibility of reusable shopping bags, and was thinking of buying some. Except all the ones that they have at the store are way ugly covered in store brand logos. My sister-in-law has some cool hemp mesh bags that scrunch up into little tiny balls and are very utilitarian, so I was considering these. But I didn't have to because I got awesome ones for Christmas. It took me a little while to remember them, but after deciding the permanent place for them was the backseat of my car, I have pretty much found my groove. For those of you considering the switch here are a few pros and cons.
1. You actually have to carry something IN to the grocery store, add a purse and a diaper bag, and your cart is pretty full already.
2. You have to remember to: a)put them in your car b) get them out of your car at the store c)put them back in your car when you are finished.
3. Sometimes people tap their foot and sigh when they are standing behind you in line.

1. These bags are beautiful (and you have an excuse to use them)
2.You are saving plastic in the landfill
3. personally speaking, I don't have to deal with the clutter of those danged plastic bags in my pantry anymore, and I don't have to feel guilty about throwing them away!
4. They actually hold more and are easier to carry, making it possible to carry in your groceries in one trip (a personal goal of mine).
5. you can use them to carry lots of other stuff too.
6. People will be jealous of your awesome bags.

Are you dying to see them? Wait no longer

This is only half, I have two more I wasn't using this trip. Aren't they lovely? The only other downfall is that these bags came from Toys R Us, which means you have to be brave enough to go there to get them. I must never lose these. That would be tragic as I am NOT brave enough to go into Toys R Us.

This bag came from my friend Dana; I love it because it folds up and snaps together. It is huge and handy when you are just doing a quick trip. It came from Kohls.
**Amber S. please note the use of the semicolon above; I

Apparantly he is

That cute. I went to edit the Easter video, and there just wasn't much to cut, Jonathan really is that cute! So you are all sadly forced to watch 5 mins and some odd seconds of Mills baby cuteness. In other news, big happenings around here is that my sweet little niece Emily (two months younger than Jonathan) got her fingers shut in the car door. She ended up with a trip to the ER, a lovely gash and a couple of broken fingers. You can read all the gory details complete with pictures here. If that isn't enough blood and guts for you, stay tuned for pictures of my nephew and his tooth.
Just in case any of you happen to look at the time this is posted, and wonder why I am up posting at this hour (like it really is all that early). That would be because I woke up to my dog puking the most disgusting puke he has puked in a really really really long time. I will spare you the details, but lets just say I was ready to vomit myself. Needless to say I am awake! So I thought I would take a crack at posting the Easter video.
Now that I have thoroughly disgusted you, you are all now compelled to watch adorable babies playing with a ball.
WARNING: the cute factor in this video is high, it may turn your brains to mush, and/or cause a deep yearning sensation prompting you to say to your husband, "honey, let's have another baby." Watch at your own risk.

Easter 2009 from Megan Mills on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Sunday turned out to be a lovely day. After church we headed to Everette's parents house for lunch. Mary made JELLO eggs, a Mills' family tradition and I made green bean casserole. I ironically, when I set out to make it, I realized I had no recipe. In all my cookbooks, in all my years of eating green bean casserole I had no recipe. I managed to find one that wasn't too bad. It was the official Campell's Soup recipe. My mom bought Jonathan an adorable Easter outfit. Mary found Everette's first one, but it was definitely made for warmer weather. I think we will wait for a warmer day to take a few pictures of Jonathan in it. We did get out to take a few pictures in his easter outfit. And some adorable video of twenty adults sitting around doting on Jonathan. He turned it way up. The video will have to be later, as it is about ten minutes, and no one wants to watch that. No one is that cute!
Reading with Gramps!
We can say "ducky" "quack" "woof" "doggy"

nothing cuter than Father and Son
Look at those curls!
Nice Doggie!
And we're off again.
A flower from Gramma Susie!
Look at that adorable boy!

Seriously can you even get enough of these two!
Matchy! matchy!
Confession: I planned these outfits!Ahhhh! Kisses!
Oh my goodness, I could eat them up!
Daffodils are so amazing, I just can't get enough.
look at that argile, sweater vest. Future geek!
eat it up!So we're running out of smiles.
The ever elusive family photo!
Better but not great!
Mmmm Daddy Love!

bye! bye!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We are at that stage

********I wrote this on Sunday but didn't post it until now so when I say today, I mean Sunday. So much for real time blogging

First this is for my sister who complains that my posts don't have enough pictures.

Jonathan, his whole 18 months, has been incredibly easy going and flexible and I could pretty much take him anywhere. I realize that we are fortunate and not all kids are this way. But this is our normal. And when the status quo no, matter what it is, takes a turn for the worse, it's hard.
No matter what.
Now that Jonathan is walking more and more as well as verbalizing more and more, he is becoming less and less inclined to sit still and be quiet. Thankfully our life doesn't demand this very often. However we had two such occasions this weekend.
Jonathan is also straddling the fence on this whole nap debate. Sometimes he has two solid naps, sometimes two quick naps, or sometimes one looong nap. He just can't decide what he needs/wants.
This also makes things a little more hairy.
Saturday we went to a Habitat House Blessing. Sometimes they are outside, sometimes they are in (most often inside). This one was no exception. Jonathan did ok for the first half, but he started the "go-limp and squeal". Those of you who have kids over the age of one know what I am talking about. We tried food and toys but nothing was working. So I had to wiggle through the crowd to get to the door. I considered jumping out the window, but there was no grass on the lawn yet.

So I spent the rest of the time walking up and down the driveway with Jonathan.

Today Everette's cousin received His Eagle Scout Award. Kind of a big deal. I was looking forward to going. His other cousin received his a few years ago and the ceremony was only about 30-45 mins long so I thought we could manage.
I think we made it in the church about five minutes before we headed out, to the all tile super echoey lobby. I thought I was prepared, I had lots of quiet toys to play with. Those were fun for about two seconds. Did I mention that I woke him up to go (important details).
It's amazing how highly sensitive you are when it is your own kid making the noises. Every tiny sound makes you totally freak out and you are positive he is totally annoying everyone in the room. Which is funny because I can count on one hand the number of times I have been annoyed by someone else's child.

I hate this stage because I am torn between wanting to hear what is going on and trying to keep Jonathan from pitching a fit. Then when I am out in the halls with him, I wonder why I came to begin with.
My mother-in-law had mercy on me and showed me where the reception was going to be across the hall. Which was fine, I could keep the door cracked a little and I could hear most of what was going on, and Jonathan had a giant room to run around in, except he wanted to go through the tiny crack in the door. Meanwhile, he had a failed attempt at a solo-stand-up and did a faceplant in the middle of the floor. Rug-burn to prove it. So at this point the whiney limp- and-squeal escalated to a full wail. So another "helpful" woman banished us to the nursery. I am sure she really was trying to be helpful but I totally felt like she was "shooing" us to the back so we wouldn't bug anyone anymore.
After Jonathan settled down and began to happily play with the toys in the nursery. I began to throw myself a pity party, complete with the tiny table and chairs. Why on earth did I wake my sleeping son up so that I could bring him to another church's nursery to play with their toys? Not to mention, I HATE feeling like I am missing out on something. I have always been that way. This is one of my biggest struggles as a mom--staying home. I hate feeling left out of conversations or any other event. And I definitely felt like I was missing the party. I felt like I had been sent to my room, I was afraid to come out and face the lady. Then I started thinking about conversations I have had with Everette, the ones where he tells me that I care too much about what other people think. And I realized that I didn't even know this lady's name and I was afraid of offending her. SO I grabbed a few more toys and headed back out. This time we made it through. We had a few rough spots but we made it.
I should also mention that this particular ceremony was an hour and a half, two or three times longer than we had anticipated.
Aren't these pictures of Jonathan just so cute!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A brand new album

So most of you are probably aware of this, and you can roll your eyes at my ignorance.
But today I was listening to The SmallTown Heroes in my car. If you have never heard of them you should check them out here...or here... I promise they are good, I wouldn't steer you wrong. I promise.
Anyway i have listened to this album a bazillion times (really they are that good:)So much so that I have memorized the order of the songs. I am sure you all know what I am talking about when the CD is one giant song and you can hear the beginning of the next song at the end of the previous one. You can hear it in your head and you expect it.
I accidentally turned on the MIX button. Thus shuffling the order of the songs. It was like listening to a whole new CD. It was delightful. Now before your eyes fall back into their heads from such a deep roll, let me clarify that this is not the first time I have used the shuffle function. I am not that ridiculous. But it was rediscovery. It is like a fresh coat of paint to a room, even if it is the same paint, it is fresh and crisp and clean. Anyway enough randomness.

The point of this blog was really to shamelessly berate you into listening to The SmallTown Hereos. How did I do?

p.s. New Favorite Quote... "I love you. I love you so much it's retarded." Guy in the back of a Yugo--Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

Snuggle Butt

99% of the time Jonathan is an excellent snuggler. Almost every morning when we don't have to get up right away he gets in bed with us and gets all "snugged up" (a term borrowed from my nephew when he was three). It is awesome, and quite frankly it is what we have become used to. The problem is when he wakes up and he is feeling peppy and not snuggly, it makes it very annoying. This was today. It was very annoying.