Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A rant

Nay... a tirade.
I am quickly losing my faith (well whatever was left) in our medical system. Most specifically in the world of pediatrics. I am not a medical expert but the one thing I do know is that Antibiotics do NOT fix everything. They are not the cure for the common cold.
I should back up a little.
Jonathan has a fever. This is his third day and he just (on friday) finished a round of amoxicillin for an ear infection. It has dropped from 102 to 100, but it is still a fever. So I realize at this point I may need to call in the "experts" (I use that term very loosely). I called the nurse today. I told her the situation. She says this, "is he acting any different today?" Which is probably a generally good question to ask. Save one thing, My child is superman. He rarely ever acts different than the generally agreeable person that he is. Case in point. Two weeks ago I brought him to the dr for other reasons. She found an ear infection. Jonathan has had probably six ear infections in his short life. I have only brought him to the dr because I suspected one. Every other one has been diagnosed at check ups (and one when he had pink eye). So when I tried to explain to the nurse that he hadn't been acting any differently any of these days she simply dismissed me and thought I was crazy. And maybe I am who knows? So then out of irritation she asks me "do you want him seen?" What kind of question is this? If I wanted him seen by the dr why would I call the nurse. I would simply call the front desk tell them my son has a fever and I want a sick-day appointment. I have done it before. I was calling the nurse for *gasp* advice! Options! Anything!
I am not afraid of a fever. If Jonathan has a virus and we just need to wait it out. Fine. I just thought I would call the nurse and say... "hey my kid has a fever, he has had one for a couple of days. Should I be worried? Could this be something I am not suspecting? I don't know... you are the medical professionals? You tell me. " What a waste.
The verdict settled on waiting another day (since the fever had gone down) and if it was gone, cancel the 9:10 appointment. Which she then lectured me about the responsibilities of calling and canceling the appointment since it was a sick appoint ment, and "we are in the peak of sick season and we want to treat all the patients we can"
How come all this crap happens when Everette is out of town?
Thanks for listening.
p.s. While I welcome any comments comiserating or sympathizing with me. Or even disagreeing please don't write in and tell me what might be wrong with my kid. I don't want to hear it. No offense. I just think I might explode and turn into the incredible hulk.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's the End of the World as We Know It (almost)

As I write this it is only moments away. The hour is upon us. What am I talking about, what could I be talking about? The big analog-digital switch. I say almost because most of you know it got pushed back to June. Which only means that we will have to watch more of those insanely irritating commercials. Seriously can we bring back the campaign commercials (you know it's that bad). Everette and I sit around and discuss this. We can't figure out why they have postponed it. I am of the opinion that if there is anyone who doesn't realize that they are going to be affected by this, they are so far gone they wouldn't notice anyway. At any rate those of us who are antennae TV watchers are excited to see the potential new channels we may receive after tomorrow. We are already enjoying the three PBS channels from Indy that we got when we got our converter box.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Post of Utter Humiliation

I am feeling void of anything meaningful to say today, yet I find myself with time to blog. This reminds me...
Has anyone ever sat down at the computer and just wanted to type randomly on the keyboard so that you could feel smart or important? Anyone? Anyone? I just had this urge. I used to do this when I was younger as I pretended to be a secretary or something (yes I had big dreams-I aspired to be an administrative assistant). It kind of went like this...
asalkjrghdmnal weniouths;kjgna;ln nios;rithj naslkdfn ;h;ofgu alknf 9r jlakfnkfl';ailejf skdnmf k;oiuwtoliujra;likeh ehgur;awoeiu hja;sdlknksdfj;oiug
This of course is typed very fast and important looking. Please someone out there tell me that I am not the only one who ever did this. If not I will have to find a hole to crawl in to hide my shame and embarrassment.

In other random random news. I recently found and fell in "like" with (wow I haven't used that since like 6th grade) a new artist Joshua Radin after I heard him on an episode of Bones (then I heard him on House). Anyway--me gusta.

Since I have already made myself out to be a complete dork. Allow me to confess my secret love of Hallmark movies. The cheesier the better. Especially if they are set in Oregon Trail Days (you know what I am talking about). When I was little I read every single book in the Little House series and I desperately wanted to be Laura Ingalls, as well as Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables-serioulsy people come on now). I still am a sucker for period movies. Especially Hallmark movies. I do not watch them for the acting, or their artistic interpretation of real life. I watch them in hopes for a better time, because everything always turn out perfectly. And the dad is always some super hero dad, who gets all sweaty when he chops wood and can quote every verse in the bible (Michael Landon). And they all sit around the fireplace and talk and tell stories. And there is always some other guy with some dark past that he comes to Jesus about and then sweeps the oldest daughter off her feet and they ride off in their wagon into the sunset. I think that I have some delusional fantasy that if I lived in this time period then life would be so perfect. In reality, I am sure about 20 mins into it, I would be ready to go back to flushing toilets, carpeted floors, microwaves, food that comes from the grocery store, and tv. Not to mention escaping the disease and death that was so prevalent. You may have already surmised this, but I just finished watching a Hallmark movie, it was on the Jesus channel. I have already seen it, but I came in right at the super sappy part so of course I had to finish it. I think they found Michael Landon's clone to play the father and what is more it is a sequel to another movie.
Just in case I have piqued someone's interest or some poor sap has stumbled across this blog stupid on drugs, the movie I was watching was Love's Enduring Promise and the prequel is Love Comes Softly starring Katherine Heigl (from 27 dresses).

****P.s. I was searching online, and as it turns out these movies were produced by Michael Landon Jr (hilarious!), and there are six more movies in the series! I think I am in Love! (that was supposed to be punny).
p.p.s. I sincerely apologize for this post, I do not know what I was thinking.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Jig Is Up!!!

So today I was getting Jonathan from the nursery after church and talking to one of the attendants there. I mentioned that Jonathan was not walking quite yet. And she said, "oh, yeah you mean not more than a few steps." and I said "WHAT!?!?!" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN MORE THAN A FEW STEPS?!" And she said, "you know he takes a few little steps around things."
My reply, "Oh yea, like he holds onto things and walks around?"
And she said, "no, on his own. In between things, he would let go and take a few steps to the next object. I assumed you knew."
We all knew Jonathan could walk if he wanted to. Apparently he is moonlighting as a bipedal toddler (Who knew I would ever use that word in a blog). Now it is time to really crack down. It just goes to show that even if you stay home with your kid, you will never witness every first milestone. Thankfully, I am so laid back and good-natured (I keep telling myself this).
In other news...
Here are a few things Jonathan is doing and learning to do, that I have witnessed.
1. Jonathan is a headbutter, he headbutts everything. The wall, the dog (well his leg), our heads, the door, the bath tub. He does it intentionally. It is a sign of affection. If you are holding Jonathan and you lean into him and say "I love you" he will squish his head against yours (be careful-one wrong move can leave you with a headache, black eye, or a broken nose) and wiggle his head back and forth against yours. It is VERY cute.
2. He has learned to pull his lips in and make a fishy face.
3. He is learning to "use" the word 'no'.
4. His personality is emerging more and more everyday. He has strong opinions about certain things (I cannot imagine where he would get this).
5. He most recently makes a face that is identical to Everette. It might be difficult to explain, but if you are ever around you could spot it a mile away. He tilts his face up slightly, juts out his chin, with this growly grin, and squints his eyes.
6. He laughs like "The Count" on Sesame St.
7. He has recently found the toliet brush and the plunger in our bathroom. Yes, lovely, I know.
8. He loves to go to the front window and look at people when they leave. He waves and says "bye".
9. He is the fastest crawler in the west.
10. He hates brushing his teeth.
11. He loves to push the cart at the grocery store. (I steer and he pushes behind)-it is absolutely adorable!!!
12. He can blow bubbles in the water. (this may be more of a milestone than walking in his daddy's eyes).
I just realized that I have a dozen things and I feel like I am just getting started. I am sure that is more than enough baby gushing.
Hopefully, I can get pictures of a few of these things soon!

Monday, February 2, 2009

All Business

Two important items before I get started. First of all, Everette has recently added another service to his ever expanding list of business ventures. He can now read your ancient floppy disk and retrieve the data for you. You can visit his website to check it out. He can also read zip disks as well. So if you have any data stuck on an old floppy disk that you need you know where to find us!

Secondly. Jonathan for many months now has shown a strong propensity to all things geeky. He LOVES to "type" on his dad's keyboard. In fact, he often Instant Messages me--it is very cute!
Today we were downstairs and he was digging in his toy basket and playing with his toys and when I looked down this is what I saw...He lined up his pop-up toy, his train with lots of buttons that make noises, and his V-tech Smile (i.e. baby computer).

He turned them on and sat there feverishly pushing buttons. It was so hilarious to me.

For those of you who have been to our new house you might recognize this set-up.

It is very similar to Everette's office layout. His desks are in a U-shape. His work computer to the left, his home computer in the center, and his "project" computers to the right (the ones he fixes for people).Here is Everette in his office, you might see four monitors, and think, "what? she only mentioned three computers?" Don't be fooled-this is only two of them. His "project" computer wouldn't fit in the shot. He has two monitors at each of his computers, and yes, one of his work monitors is bigger than most people's TV.

In other news, my parents stopped by for lunch one day bringing a DELICIOUS Sam's Club pizza, Jonathan threw a fit with every food I tried to give him (including pizza toppings), until he hijacked my mom's piece of pizza and removed all the toppings, then he was quite content.
Stuffing the stolen pizza into his mouth!He was quite hilarious flopping that pizza all over the place.

See.. content!

And finally, recently we have been having issues with diapers that.. uhh runneth over.
So Saturday he went through three pairs of pants, and I was done with wasting cute clothes, so I dug out the sweatpants with elastic at the bottom (a.k.a. dork pants) and stopped changing his shirts to match.
This is what you get, notice the socks on the outside of the pants.

And in closing, someday I am going to make of photo book of pictures of Jonathan and sell it to make millions of dollars, not just because he is cute (because let's face it--he totally is). It will be like Where's Waldo? canine version. It will be "Where's Max?" Because he somehow manages to appear in every single dang picture I take of this kid. Even when I don't even realize he is around. It is both hilarious and incredible frustrating.