Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Road Trip

This Memorial Day weekend we decided it was time to go to Selma. It had been a good six months and time to visit. Everette's two grandmothers and his aunt live there. Before I tell you about the trip you have to see the time line of Everette's week.
Sunday May18-wedding
Monday May 19th-leave at 5 AM for Indy airport to catch flight to LA
Thursday May 22-leave LA 9 AM to catch flight to Indy, arrive Indy 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM wife and parents arrive at airport to pick up and drive to Nashville TN.
Friday May 23-Leave Nashville 9 AM to finish drive to Selma.
Spend weekend with parents, and grandmothers, wife, and child
Monday May 26 8 AM leave Selma to begin what turns out to be 13 hour drive to Lafayette.
Wednesday May 28 4 AM leave house to catch flight in Indy to Philly, return Thursday night late.

Oh yeah... and wife leaves town Friday morning until Saturday afternoon.
Not sure how we ended up with this crazy schedule.

Anyway, the trip was great, Jonathan performed amazingly both in the car and for his grandmothers. He was perfect, hardly cried, sat still when grandmas were holding him. Adjusted to time differences. Smiled, laughed, and was practically perfect in every way! I took some pictures but there were just too many darn cute ones to choose so I posted them on my website so you can see them all. While we were in Selma (it was 87 degrees with 500% humidity) Jonathan had his first swimming pool experience. Ok so it was really more like a large outdoor bathtub, but it was fun nonetheless. He looked super cute. I can't wait until we get to go swimming here in Indiana.
Ok so I am having a little trouble uploading the pictures to the web, but take heart it will be there soon!!! while your waiting you can see the pictures from the wedding I took last Sunday.

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