Monday, December 15, 2008

Moving words

Everette and I just returned from a Memorial Service for the little baby I posted about earlier. The service was incredibly moving as one would imagine. But I was particularly struck by two things.
1. The letter that our pastor read written by the father. He actually posted it to his blog, which I appreciated because I am going to link it here and because I was so moved I wanted to read it again.
2. our pediatrician was there. I knew from talking to Justin and Kristen that they took Kara to Dr. Miller too, but I was so impressed by the fact that she came to this 2 1/2 mo old baby's funeral. She only could have seen her a handful of times but she came-not just for the viewing, but for the service. This only served to confirm why I love my son's Dr. If any of you live in Lafayette and are looking for a pediatrician, I highly recommend Dr. Johari Miller.

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