Monday, July 7, 2008

Too Much Fun

to blog.
We have just been having too much fun to spend anytime blogging. But here is a quick update... and no I don't have pictures because I am lame.
Two weeks ago. Fiddlers, with my brother and his family and my sister. There was a nasty storm Friday evening that rolled through and delayed Fiddlers an hour and a half but after the rain cleared we packed our gear and headed to the Battlefield, where Everette ate two elephant ears and two lemon shake-ups (he claims it is because he wasn't going to Fiddlers the next day so he had to eat his quota for the year all at once). Jonathan was perfect. It was like a dream. I wrapped him in the Moby wrap in the beginning and he just looked around and stared, then he fell asleep in his little red wagon (which we used to carry all the crap we brought). Saturday was relaxing and uneventful. Then Wednesday was Everette's birthday. Our family went to McGraw's for dinner. We all had a great time, and Everette really appreciated it. Friday was the fourth and we spent the afternoon at a neighborhood picnic which lasted until dark with a 45 minute pretty decent fireworks finally. Saturday was super fun. We drove to North Webster Indiana to see Everette's younger brother at the church camp he works at. It was only about five minutes from the church camp I went to for five years so we made a quick detour. It was so fun to see Grant-he is having such an incredible summer. And that just makes everybody happy.
WE finished the day with dinner in Warsaw at a Brewery called Mad Anthony's and had an incredible salad and delicious pizza (Everette and I fought over the leftovers today for lunch). Sunday was lunch with our pastor and his wife and Laura's Chrismation Celebration. Also very fun. Now it is time to get ready for Vacation-- it starts on Friday!! I promise I will take pictures of vacation.

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melissa said...

Quit having fun and start blogging again!