Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where did July go?!

I realize I have been slacking on my blog posting.. so I will try to catch up with a series of posts.
I will start with the most recent and work my way backward. We just got back from Branson Missouri. We took this trip to meet Everette's brother's (Brad) girlfriend's parents. (wow that is a lot of " 's". We had a fantastic time!
Here are a few highlights.
First of all We made the trip down in record time. Our first stop was 6 1/2 hours into an 8 hour trip and we only stopped because our gas tank was nearly empty. It wasn't neccessarily our goal to do this but Jonathan and our bladders held up remarkably and we just didn't have a reason to stop.

Sunday we went out on Table Rock Lake in a pontoon boat. It was a lot of fun and we got out to go swimming. The lake was quite warm actually.

Then Monday we went to Lambert's for dinner and gramps and grammy watched JOnathan while we went with Brad and Meghan to see "The Dark Night". Which was pretty good and my first official batman movie.

Tuesday we went bike riding at this place called Dogwood Canyon. It was beautiful trail with waterfalls and caves. That evening we joined Meghan's family at a delicious Mexican Restaurant.

Wednesday we went kayaking down a lake/river that runs behind Meghan's family's house. The temperature all week was in the upper 90's but the water in this lake was 45-50 degrees because it came through a dam from the bottom of table rock lake. This was also a lot of fun.

This is Meghan's younger brother Jared-he LOVED Jonathan and was really helpful!!
To see more pictures click here.
Our trip home was uneventful and pretty easy (well at least for me-Everette drove the whole way).
But even little babies get bored... see below.


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

You write so well. It makes me smile because I can visualize everything you write about. You paint a great picture. Hopefully your new camera is working well. The shot of Jonathan with his toes in the water was the last shot before the camera went under water, so I’m assuming the memory card and battery were alright. Thanks again for coming. We all had a fantastic time and I can’t wait to see you all at Christmas.
Love – Meghan

melissa said...

1. Thank you for returning to blogworld! My life can resume!

2. Lamberts=yum!

3. I LOVE the video of Jonathan. I may have to watch it over and over - how were you not laughing??