Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

SO I personally try to stay away from posting anything political. Not that I am opposed to it, it just isn't my thing. However....Since today is election day I am making an acception. Everette and I have had many conversations about this election and every time we come up empty handed. We both had strong reasons NOT to vote for either presidential candidates. But being good American citizens we were plagued by a guilty conscience and kept trying to pick a side.
To us it was choosing the lesser of two evils. Yesterday we received an email from Derek Webb (no not a personal one), a singer/songwriter we both really love. I ignored it assuming it was advertising junk. Everette read it and made me sit down and read it before I went to vote. I wish I had read it weeks ago! I just returned from voting having fulfilled my civic duty without violating my conscience. If any of you read this before you vote, and are not sure who to vote for, I encourage you to check out this article. Or even if you have already voted read it to remember for the next election. I PROMISE it is not an article about which candidate is better or worse. It is the most liberating thing I have read in a long time! Plus if you read the article you can probably figure out how I voted.

And as for updates on Jonathan which is why I know you all read this blog. I promise they are coming. I have uuber cute pictures!


darcilyna said...

this might interest you, too... along the same lines:

Everette said...

You can download Derek Webb reading the article and his comments here

Amber Bahelr said...

I too was going to mention "Jesus for President." While the book will, at the least, bother you for a few days, the premise is that, well, Jesus isn't running in this election and our hope and trust is to be in Him- not governments, candidates, or our political system. There is also a section that discusses what to do with voting that gives a variety of ideas including not voting.

Bob"O" said...

I hope you understand that you may vote for who you choose to or not by office. your ballot will not be thrown out because you did not cast a vote for specific office ie i don't like the candidates for this office so I'll vote for neither.