Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My first Prom

So maybe some of you know this and maybe some of you don't.
I didn't go to any prom in high school. It is not something I regret. No one asked, and I didn't want to go bad enough to ask anyone. Not that I don't love dressing up and dancing, it just seemed like a lot of hype and a lot of drama. And it just wasn't worth it to me. In fact I only went to one high school dance, I had a great time and that was enough. And as it turns out I went with one of the only guys from high school that I regularly keep in touch with and genuinely enjoy spending time with.

To be technical... I chaperoned prom when I taught in Kokomo, but I spent the whole night passing out safety pins to girls whose boobs were hanging  out. So.. that wasn't fun. Not that I didn't have a good time with you Amy :)

Our church youth group put on an 80's prom fundraiser last weekend. So of course I saw it as a chance to go to prom with someone I truly love, and listen to some fabulous music.
Everette, though not necessarily thrilled at the idea, went willingly because he loves me.

He even wore a square tie and let me tight roll his jeans. Complete with white socks.

During Prom there was a silent auction, where we bid on some cool things. We lost the free doggie dental cleaning but won a delicious meal from Dar Muehlhausen, and three free months at miracle fitness (which we gave to Everette's parents because they work out there).
There were prizes for best and worst dressed,

Sara (was-Fisher) Rottler won best-dressed

Matt M. tied with Malcolm Springs for worst dressed (Matt is pictured here with Scott--who techincally won prom Queen, but wasn't in a couple so didn't get to wear the crown)

 and a prom king and queen.

Matt and Dar won prom King and Queen, and interestingly enough neither one of them ever went to prom either!

There were formal photos, jokes about actually getting lucky after prom, and best of all.... some of the best music from one of the greatest musical decades ever! Cyndi Lauper and the Bangles got me through those rough high school years.

This is our Dan and Dana, the pastor's wife and her husband.

Me with Katie (was-Kochon) Schmidt in her sister's prom dress (my dress came from good will, but I had some killer accessories-including 1 can of hairspray)

As it turns out, prom was worth the wait.


The Erudite Lit-ite said...

Nice!! I find it humorous and randomly ironic that we each chaperoned a prom while pregnant. I'd say you had more fun at this one (who wouldn't?), and I'm still a huge advocate of Everette's selling t-shirts idea...

Annie said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Bob"O" said...

I like the socks.
Mom says that all things come to those who patiently? Wait.

bethany said...

I've come back to look at the pictures three times now. I want to borrow your gloves. I'm not sure where exactly I would wear them... but I would find a reason.

Megan said...

any time. They also come with fishnet stockings if you are so bold.