Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A short Quiz

Question:  What do you do when you have 30 mins to get ready fora funeral after working in the yard all morning and you realize that it's summer and the chacos you were wearing to mow the yard and weed the garden are the only pair of  black sandals you own?

Leave your guesses here and come back later for the answer!

You flip on the shower, toss in your chacos, grab an old nail brush and a bar of soap and get busy.
Then you try not to gag when you see the rivers of dirt pouring out of your chacos and splattering on the walls as you scrub with the brush.
When you are finished you toss them onto the bathmat. Then once you are showered, and dried, you wrap them in your towel and stand on them as you scrunch your hair.
Then you toss them in the dryer for five mins while you throw on some makeup and let them air dry on your feet. 


Annie said...

Wear them into the shower, of course!

Michelle said...

Seems reasonable to me. My Chacos go everywhere. In fact, I keep finding little piles of sand under my chair because I had worn them to the beach and then into the class I'm sitting in this week.

Anonymous said...

people! people! people! take care of your Chacos and your Chacos will take care of you. If you don't move your straps around and get all the grit out it can fray the strap and eventually break. Come'on this is Chaco Care 101.