Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Writer's Jam

Have you ever been driving along the interstate, minding your own business, clipping along at 5 (or so) mph over the speed limit? Then all of a sudden traffic slams to a screeching halt and you are sitting perfectly still in the sweltering heat.  You look around for constructions signs but there are none, that is when you realize that traffic is so backed up you haven't even gotten to the warning signs yet and that three lanes of traffic are now (and for the next three hours) attempting to funnel into one. And you also realize that you desperately need to pee.

This is the inner workings of my brain. My lack of blogging has not been due to lack of content,  it is quite the contrary. I have too much to write about. All these ideas are trying  to  squeeze themselves into my tiny brain. I am also an ostrich, when I get overwhelmed, I run outside and duck my head into the sandbox. Literally, sometimes five or six times a day. This blogging traffic jam in my head, only makes me think about how desperately I need to stop and pee.

So much has happened lately, I don't know what to write about first. I mean, I promised back in June to write about my garden, but I haven't been motivated to upload the pictures. Mostly because I have to do it upstairs in Everette's office, and it is 10, 000 degrees up there. But since I promised it, I don't feel like I can write about anything else until I do.
Our whole family (greene side) went on vacation.
I had my ten year high school reunion (Well, I didn't go-but the fact that it has been ten years since I graduated high school, has left a rather traumatic injury to my psyche).
We are dogsitting for Everette's parents again.

I have crazy crazy cute video of Jonathan singing in the tub, but that also requires me to go up into the fiery inferno.
And most of all I have to waste an entire post whining about not knowing what to post. And since we all know that people don't like to read really long blogs, I have to end this post having said nothing at all. On the bright side I might be going swimming today.
But I promise I will come back and write about something.

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Michelle said...

um, hel-LO? I did not expect to get back and still no new post...what, have you been busy taking care of my children? :)