Friday, November 5, 2010

Peas in a Pod

This is Everette

This is Everette's younger (not youngest) brother Brad.
From a few years ago
He lives and works in New York. You may remember me mentioning him before.

I think it is pretty safe to say that as far as Mills' boys go, they are the most different. They look the most different, and their lives are the most different. 

But after our trip, it is clear that these boys seem different, but they are cut from the same Jell-O mold.

Let me tell you how we discovered this...
It was us, the women folk. We found it out.

It went like this:
 "Brad only blah, blah, blahs."
"OH MY GOSH, so does Everette!"
"No way!"
"way!" (valley girl voices increasing exponentially)

Here are a few similarities we discovered:

1. For starters, they are both in love with women named "Meg(h)an"
      major points right there fellas!

2. They both have had unhealthy attachments to their ratty old high school football shorts

3.They prefer the same sleepwear
   (we're just going to leave it at that, okay?)

4.They both bite their nails.
               some more than others.

5. They are both incredibly ornery.
                I cannot emphasize this one enough.
I asked them to pose in front of this police boat, so I could take a picture for their mother and this... is how they both posed for me, independently, with no co-conspiracy.

6. When you ask either of them a question, you rarely get a straight answer.
                Which can be exasperating.

7.They are both "doer"s, and can rarely sit still
               even when they sit still... they bounce. You know the "leg bounce"

8. Unless there is a football game on.
                 in which case they would catheterize themselves if possible.

9. Every game is "the most important game of the season"

10. They hate pepper on their eggs.

11. They make fun of "others" who like to add salt to their food.
                 Especially if *gasp* they do it before tasting

And finally...
12.They both believe all manner of medical problems can be solved with cuticle trimmers (a.k.a. nippers).
               skin tags, unruly hairs, ingrown toenails, split ends, warts, asthma, arthritis, appendicitis, etc.

Two peas in a pod

I could not pass this up... for the look on Everette's usually stolid face.

Oh and while they may have different "favorite" Jell-O salads, I think we can safely say it is weird that they even both have a favorite Jell-O salad!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was way behind in the blog. This one is great and made me crack up! Love it! Hope all is well. Meghan