Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year

I guess I should post something before the entire month of January slips by.
Especially since a lot of you are dying to know about Christmas.
Just in case you were wondering... I got it.
The mop.
And it is everything I hoped it would be.
I have mopped my floors twice in the past two weeks. Which is probably more than they were mopped in 2010.
Don't judge me.
I have issues.
One of them being, I detest mopping.... and vacuuming, and dusting, and cleaning in general.
I also buckled down and sorted through all of Jonathan's toys.
Took a giant trash bag to Goodwill and two plastic tubs down to the basement.
I am going to be honest, I am not saying the kid needs more toys (he Most DEFINATELY doesn't) but there aren't that many right now.
Mostly trains and puzzles.
peace out. sorry for the boring post.

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Annie said...

Seriously-- I was sweeping my dining room last night, thinking about how it needs to be mopped, and I thought, "I wonder if Megan got the mop??" I'm glad I didn't have to wonder too long.