Friday, May 2, 2014

Why Bikes? Why Habitat? Why Us?

I was duped.
My Clever boys
Next week is Mother's day. Mother's Day is for moms. It's a day where moms get to sleep in, eat breakfast in bed, long hot soaks in the tub with bubbles and no action figures. Other people make lunch for you. You go to church and they give you a flower. It's Mom's special day to relax.
I was hoodwinked.
By my husband and my sweet charming son.
"Hey mom," They said.
"Wanna go on a bike ride?" they said.
"For Mother's day. Because we love you." They Said.
Turns out the bike ride is 52 miles. Stinkers!

I'M JUST KIDDING!! I knew what I was getting into. 

But it's not just any bike ride. 

Do you know what Habitat is? Do you know what Habitat does?

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that builds affordable housing, and works with families financially to allow them to live in and own their own home. A safe permanent dwelling. So families can experience the security and blessing of living in a place they can call their own. 
The safety of living in a well built house that isn't falling down around them. A house that will keep them warm in the winter. A house that will keep them dry in the rain. A house where their children can play, and learn, and grow and dream. 

I have always had a house like that. I'll bet you have too. 
My Childhood home

Try to imagine for a moment how your life would be different if didn't know these things as a child or even as an adult. 

Why a bike ride?
Jonathan's artwork 2013

Well, in all honesty, it's just an activity that some people involved in Habitat enjoy. It's a way to get the word out. It's a way for people who are passionate about bike riding to take what they love and use it to raise money and awareness for Habitat. 
The house Jonathan built to take to school to raise money, 2013

Why are WE riding?
Great question. Because we're dumb.

I kid! I kid! Everette several years ago, was asked to serve on the Habitat Board of Directors. He served for several years but continued to be involved in a more technical capacity. As Everette was finishing his time on the Board, he stuck a bug in my father's ear about a  position opening up. My Dad now works for Habitat, doing... uhh... I'm not sure exactly what his title is, he does a little bit of everything. With a big focus on managing the equipment and building materials.  And stuff. 

Then a few years ago.. Everette and I were going through a phase in our marraige, where we really didn't like each other. And really didn't like to do stuff together, or be around each other. 
Hey! I'm just keeping it real here, folks. 
This is not really a great way to be married. Enter, bikes. In an effort intentionally spend more time together, we started riding bikes. Slowly.
It's really a great balance for our tortoise and hare personalities. Everette strapped our toddler into the bike trailer (i.e. Wind sock), and he slowed down enough for me, the tortoise to keep up with him. 
The wind sock
 So we began riding. And Riding. And we remembered that we loved each other. And we realized when you are exhausted from riding a million miles, who's turn to take out the trash, doesn't seem that critical. 
Last year, Everette decided he was going to combine his love for his son and for biking and his heart for Habitat and do the Cover Indiana Ride with Jonathan. Just the first day of the week long tour.
Jonathan is six now and he no longer fits in the "wind sock" much to Everette's relief.
Jonathan and Everette riding in the Cover Indiana 

 But he's not quite ready for a 52 mile solo trek. So we bought a WeeHoo! The WeeHoo attaches to the back of Everette's bike and they ride together. Jonathan can take breaks, but they are a team. Team Mills. They rode 52 miles from Lafayette to Crawfordsville, Indiana. And I drove the SAG wagon. 
Me, in the van, with the junk.

But their team wasn't complete. They missed me. Aww..

So Everette asked me to join them. And I said yes. Because I love him. And I love Jonathan. And I love my dad. And I like bike riding. And I think what Habitat is doing for our community is awesome. 

Now that you have heard my awesome story, I know you want to get involved too. Here's how you can help. 
You can donate money. You don't have to give up your mother's day breakfast in bed. But if you donate money, then I won't give up mine in vain. 
Our goal is raise $3000. What? Yep. $3000 for a bathroom. A Habitat bathroom costs $3000. And we want some other mother to sit is a hot bubble bath
The interlopers in my bathtub (that's my niece back there).

In the words of my delightful son, help us "raise money for people who don't have houses."


Anonymous said...

I appreciate that you keep it real. I think it's o.k. to admit that sometimes, just sometimes, we might love our spouse, but forget about that love because we're so focused on not liking that person who is so important in our lives. Thank you for giving voice to one way that you worked through that in your marriage. I think that makes you a good spouse and good parent!

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