Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Blogs in my head!

Ok so it has been... two weeks since my last blog entry? more? I don't even know. Things have been crazy. But just so you know I have been blogging, just in my head. I blog all the time. In the car, mowing the lawn, feeding Jonathan. They just never make it to the computer. I actually checked my blog more than once (part of my daily blog checking) to see if by some chance they actually did get typed and posted. Yes, I know... crazy, even more crazy is that this is actually true. Part of my problem is my camera has been hanging over my head. I took some pictures at our church easter service that I was going to put up on the website... And every time I thought about taking pictures... I thought about those shots sitting there waiting for me. So I finally filed them away in the church picture file to have if we ever need cute shots of little kids. And now I am free. Everette and my sister Laura and I just got back from a quick, last minute trip to Cleveland to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin. It was nice and relaxing, and Everette worked from their home! Another plus, Everette gets to stay home all week this week too! So right after we cleared out our house for the floors, I came down one Sunday afternoon to find Everette and Jonathan hanging out on the floor-it was very cute-see pictures below! I am sure you will have read them already, but I am about to post two more with pictures!!!

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