Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I was just ordering some new checks, with our new address on them (now that we lived here almost a year-we thought we should finally get settled). The website I was ordering them from asked for my drivers license number to verify that I am in fact who I say that I am. That is when I realized... my drivers license has expired, in FEBRUARY! I have been driving around for over a month with an invalid drivers license. Good Grief. I needed to replace it anyway-you know get one with our current address, but it was expired!!!!!!! It kind of startled me, and freaked me out a little bit. Things were kind of weird because I got my first license later than most so mine didn't expire when I was 21, but I got married and moved so I got a new one anyway. So I was thrown off by the years. I thought it might be up for renewal, and I talked to Everette about it and he told me they were good for five years... nope-only four. Not that it is his fault. It is written in bold green ink of my drivers license. I could have checked. But not being a big alcohol consumer, and not having any recent traffic violations, who looks at their license? Oh well. I will be headed to the BMV tomorrow. Just how I wanted to spend my afternoon.


Everette said...

I guess that is what happens when you listen to your husband on occasion.

Michelle said...

Mine had Lafayette spelled incorrectly for a long time. A store clerk noticed it one time and looked at me like it might have been altered or fake or something. I was like, "Do I look like I need a fake id?" Seriously. On a brighter note the last time I was at the BMV (in October when mine expired) I was in and out in like 15 minutes.

JEM Truly Outrageous said...

I was in and out in 10 minutes and 53 seconds. How do I know... because it is clocked on the top of my receipt. It made me laugh. Apparently, they think people would be worried about waiting for a long time. :)