Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Post II

Christmas Eve we went to church then spent the evening at my parents house. Where every year my mom gets out the beginner piano Christmas duet book and I good naturedly humiliate myself as I attempt to play duets with my mom. I play the easy part (well I try anyway). This year we drug my sister in so she could play one hand and I could play the other. It was hilariously pathetic. Jonathan played on the floor and was perfect. So perfect in fact that all of sudden we realized it was 11:30. So we packed up and took our baby home.
Here is where things got interesting. Traditionally Everette and I go to his family's house in the morning-but since we had already done that we invited them over to our house along with my parents for breakfast. Somehow (Ahemn, Everette's dad) it was decided to make cinnamon rolls. Correction-that I would make cinnamon rolls. I am a decent cook-not award winning but able to follow a recipe. But I don't (or didn't) do yeast. I have a bread maker, I used it once. Yeast is scary. And of course I hadn't made them yet. I was supposed to use Great-Grandma Little's famous recipe. But if you saw it you would not have used it either. I am pretty sure Gramma Little didn't knead a recipe (haha-I couldn't resist). There were important steps missing. And considering I had never done anything with yeast without supervision-this was a little too intimidating. SO I opted for the BLESSED Better Homes and Garden's recipe (cooking for idiots). So in the 5 AM quiet of Christmas morning, I got up to make the rolls. I found it refreshingly therapeutic to knead the dough. I also found that my ability to follow a recipe correctly carried over into baking with yeast. And if I do say so myself those cinnamon rolls were INCREDIBLE. I took a picture just so I could show you how delicious they are.
Don't you want one?!
Not too bad for being up since 5 AM.

After a relaxing Christmas Breakfast we got ready to head over to my Gramma's house. Where we had Christmas with my family. We had a great time and yummy food. Miraculously the Greene Family concquered Food Coma and played a boisterous game of Battle of the Sexes. The women stomped the men. We headed home-put Jonathan to bed at 6:30 and followed suit soon after (like 7:30-soon after). A marvelous Christmas!

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Annie said...

I've missed your blog. I'm glad to hear your Christmas was so wonderful!