Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Armageddon!

Ok so this might be a little over the top, but it is two days in a row and I am blogging!! Yay or me! I think for me it is breaking the cycle of non-posting to open the blogging flood gates. Not to mention the opportunity to procrastinate. What might I be procrastinating you may wonder. The two most recent tasks Everette has asked me to complete. 1. Update our Quicken records (we fell a little behind during the holidays), and 2. file the crap ton of papers we have amassed over the year. In my defense I spent several hours working on Quicken yesterday and manage not only to reconcile several accounts but to kill several million brain cells. I know this because I saw them swirling around in my head. Like stars. I tried to catch them, unsuccessfully. Originally Everette agreed to be in charge of reconciling the accounts IF I kept them up to date. oops. This is great motivation to keep them up to date. I hate reconciling!! It seems like it would be fun and easy-because you "just have to click the items" and they highlight and place a checkmark by them-and it does all of the nifty addition and subtraction and everything is perfect and you end up with zero. This is only fun and easy when everything is up to date. again. ooops.
And as for the paper filing-I don't know why I have this job. I suck at it. I am very much like my mom when it comes to paper. I easily get overwhelmed by it. Everette has this amazing filing system in place. I just have to follow it-if only I can get over my psychological road block. Or just sit down and do it.
I guess when it comes down to it...I would much rather file the papers than file the taxes (talk about brain cell homicide).
Anyway-here is some more Jonathan cuteness. For those of you who might not know..
he is 15 months. He has 8 teeth. He does not walk (more out of will than ability). His vocabulary is expanding daily and includes: moh-mee, dah-dee, uh-oh (his personal favorite), Bob-bee ( a term he uses frequently around my parents), dog-gee, Bahy-bahy (this is supposed to be bye-bye but I think his Grammy Mills got to him too soon), no-no (as he shakes his head emphatically). And as of bath time tonight.... Duckey. He is 100% boy as his current favorite activities include emptying the contents of any nearby container-he doesn't just empty them he throws them over his shoulder. He loves to bang on whatever is available-pots, the fish tank, small babies, Daddy's head in the morning, mommy's face whenever is convenient. He has mastered up and down the stairs and loves to be chased either direction. Most recently, to our relief he has mastered backward dismount off of our bed. His previous method was head first kamikaze style. And of course here are some pictures.
ok this one is from a while ago-we were at a friends house and her daughter was coloringa picture at the table-or so we thought. Turns out she doodled on Jonathan a little too!
This is my genious invention! Jonathan is not to the stage where I can hand him a bowl of things and expect him to hold it and eat a few at a time. And trying to push the grocery cart, shop and hand him snacks a few at a time is tedious and only prolongs the grocery shopping experience. So one day at Meijer I took one of those handy stick-to-the-table placemats and wrapped it around the ledge on the cart (only at Meijer) then stuck it to itself below. Then I could pour a few snacks at a time into the pocket and they didn't fall through the slits and Jonathan didn't get all those nasty cart germs on him (well at least not as many).

Jonathan is finished being fed by someone else. He almost always refuses. He LOVES tomato based things-Spaghetti, chili (seriously eats it by the bowl full), soups-anything. This makes for many meals that end like this.

Jonathan being cute in the bathtub!


darcilyna said...

adorable video! just love that little baby butt;) had to say that you could've titled it, everette being cute giving jonathan a bath... his boat noises were awesome LOL

Anonymous said...

He is so cute in the tub. I love watching him figure out that he is making the water come out. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head. Soooo cute!!
- Meghan

Amber said...

I heard your little man chattering away at church on Sunday. I was totally impressed! Jonah still only regularly says three or four English words. The rest sound like Japanese curse words. :) Love your cart invention!! Wish I would have come up with that one a few months ago!