Friday, December 18, 2009

A message of Congratulations

This is my brother and his wife.

Ten years ago today they got married. I was a senior in high school. I was a bridesmaid (so was my sister). We wore green dresses. We carried red roses. They were pretty. But not as pretty as Michelle.
I was fortunate enough to watch their relationship in its most beginning stages. Being an annoying tag-a-long freshman to my big senior brother. I was fortunate to call Michelle my friend before she was ever my sister-in-law.

Ten years ago.. they were young. My brother was 20 and Michelle was barely 21. They were both still in school. They lived in a tiny apartment above my parents garage. They took turns working to finish school.
Shortly after they had a baby... who turned into quite a remarkable young man.

A few years and one new house later they had beautiful baby girl. She turned out to be one part darling, and one part trouble.

A few jobs, one fundamental change in worship, and another trip back to school for Brian, they had another sweet baby girl. Although the verdict is still out on this one... she appears to be forging her own way.

In a world that seems to view marriage like ice cream flavors-- keep trying til you find one you like with plenty of free samples. It does one's heart well to see two people so committed, so real, and still so in love.

They have conquered a lot together, and seem ready to take on more (most recently a dog).
To my brother-- whom I love (blood is thicker than water, right?). Thank you for relentlessly pursuing that spunky little vegetarian flutist.

To Michelle-whom I love as my own sister. Thank you for being willing to overlook my brothers numerous faults, and being to first to walk into, freely, this ridiculous family. And thank you for eating meat again.

To you both--Thank you for bringing three amazing children into this world and what is more, into this family. Thank you for making me an aunt, and giving me such incredible nephew and nieces. It is true joy.

Thank you for being an aunt and an uncle to my son. Thank you for being his family.

Thank you for not giving up on each other. Thank you for being a light in a dark, dark world.
I love you and I wish you 100 more years together. (Ok that might be a little extreme, but 50 didn't seem like enough).

This is for you. And anyone else who bothers to click on the link, but I'm not going to explain it. So it's mostly for you.


Annie said...

Well, you made me cry. I love these guys, too!

I can't think of anybody in my adult life where I consider all the siblings to be my friend. The Greenes rock.

Annie said...

Let's make that "friends" not "friend", ok?