Monday, April 19, 2010

back in the day

Remember when the blog was supposed to be about my adorable son. And I would share super cute stories and post adorable pictures.  Before I comandeered it with my own boring thoughts and social opinions.

The truth is Jonathan is growing up so fast. Everette was out of town at the beginning of this week so Jonathan and I had some alone time.
For the first time as we spent time together and he seemed to be just a little grown up.
In fact here is a list of things Jonathan can do all by himself.

1. Sleep all night in a Big Boy Bed without getting up.
2. Move chairs around the kitchen to reach objects on the counter.
3. Fill the dog bowl with dog food.
4. Carry his own booster seat to the table, place the booster seat in the restaurant booth and climb up all by himself.
5. Throw large boulders into the creek.
6. Push the shopping cart.
7. Run a 5K
8. Identify almost all the letters in the alphabet.
9. Find Goldbug on every page of Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go faster than most of the grown up, including his dad, the reigning Goldbug Champion
10. Lasso a calf in 3.6 secs flat.
11. And finally, every mother's dream, my son has learned to burp on command.
I wish I could tell you I was joking. He discovered this ability all on his own. He hasn't completely refined his skills yet. I would put a video up but the truth is while I find it hilarious, it is not something I really want to encourage. But please take my word for it.
Jonathan can seriously burp on command... and end the national recession.
but has yet to master the potty.



Annie said...

Jonathan is clearly one smart cookie.

Anonymous said...

His uncle is proud of him. especially about the goldbug thing....beating everette is impressive!

Anonymous said...

Of course he can do all those things. He's one of my boys! Takes after his daddy and his uncles with a lot of teaching and coaching from his mama! Thanks for sharing his new accomplishments!