Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

Ten years from now when your mom tells you that your cousin is coming over for the afternoon, and you roll your eyes and sigh because your cousin is a pimply-faced prepubescent smelly preteen boy with braces and bad breath, who talks about playing dungeons and dragons all day. And you, are a spunky beautiful blond-headed ball of sweetness.

Please remember that you used to play together. You used to run together, and hold hands, and share, and laugh together.

You used to take tubbies together, and splash every bubble out of the tub, cackling hysterically.

Try to remember you used to climb all over things together, and share your toys, and your food, and your diapers and your clothes.

People used to think you were twins, as you giggled and toddled around.

Remember when you used to ride in the wagon together to go feed the donkeys

Try to remember these things when your dorky cousin comes to visit. Try to also understand that this phase will pass (I hope). Some day soon, he will grow out of his awkward goobery phase. He will grow up and stop talking about boogers and farts (well mostly... at least in public). And maybe then you can be friends again.
Maybe then you can teach him that girls don't like to be farted on, and that girls appreciate it when a boy takes the time to shower once a month, and maybe, just maybe, use deodorant. And that they like it when you hold doors open for them.

Maybe you can tell him when he has put on too much cologne, and when his room is beyond disgusting.
Maybe you can teach him how to be nice to girls.
And maybe, when your big brother is off to college, you can keep your cousin around, to keep those silly boys away.  Or drive you places (since he will get his license before you).
And maybe you can talk about how totally ridiculous and unfair your parents are being, when they never let you date (other people). Or you can roll your eyes together at family events.
Emily, this is your aunt talking, and I am invoking that special Aunt-Niece bond. I am begging you, please don't forget, that you were friends with that strange creature.
Remember that once you were friends.

Lots of love,
Aunt Meg


Michelle said...

Aww, so sweet! I will post the video of them calling the sheepies tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

not many people in this world can make folks weep with their words.