Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How Can So Much Come From Someone So Small?

So some of you know Jonathan has had a little trouble gaining weight. At his two month check-up he was only 7.8 so the pediatrician (whom I love--Thank you Michelle and Brian) has me supplementing with formula after every feeding. I have a lot of mixed feelings about it (the biggest one being that I want to do what is best for him), but this is not the point. The point is that Jonathan hadn't pooped since last Thursday(we went to the dr on Tuesday so this was five days). Soon after we began the formula (tuesday evening) we had a poop. It was relatively significant in size and smell. However this evening Jonathan pooped the largest poo he had ever pooped in his life. A very significant moment. Everette was excited it was like some bizarre right of passage. All I knew is that it smelled(s) terrible (we all know none of those diaper contraptions can mask the smell of a stinky poo) and it took five wipes to clean the whole thing up. Thankfully I had the foresight to remove his socks before the diaper so when I drew back in dismay and let go of his foot and of course it went directly onto the poo, I only had to use a wipe instead of starting a load of laundry right away from one measly (but very stinky) sock.
On a positive note... we met with the lactation nurse today and he has gained 5 oz since yesterday!

p.s. I know people only read this for the pictures, but I really felt that for this a picture would be too much. I promise I will post more later.


Anonymous said...

i don't just read it for the pictures, although they're nice, too. i read to see how you're doing...

love ya,

Brock and Amber said...

okay so this kid really is outrageous!

melissa said...

I love it! Wait until the first poop in the potty... Ben gets so proud and likes to show me what he made... he's even kind enough to point it out if it's hiding and you can only see it's head poking out.

We have a poop rating system. In Martin terms, what you had was a five-wiper diaper (like a five-alarm for firehouses).

Tell Jonathan we're proud of him. :)