Monday, December 10, 2007

The Spare

So Jonathan is almost three months old and for three months I have been carrying an extra outfit and an extra onsie and an extra pair of socks. The same pair, Jonathan just hasn't used it, he has never had a diaper blow out and he has never spit up. Until now. We were at the Dr's office for our weight check and I was giving him his extra bottle. He had almost three ounces and I kept trying to burp him, but nothing would come. Finally, it came, along with the rest of the bottle.... it was gross and it was all over his outfit. Wouldn't you know it at that moment the nurse called out his name. Well the outfit was coming off anyway.
Good news Jonathan tanked on a whole pound in one week. Bad news, he has a bit of a cold... so do I so does Everette. anther milestone.. that outfit that has been in his diaper he has grown out of.. time to upgrade to the 0-3 month clothes!!!

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