Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SO this is what everyone has been talking about

You have to see it to believe it. Jonathan for the first few months of his life was a very "neat" baby. He never spit up, he didn't drool, and he only pooped once a day. We were barely changing diapers and wearing clothes more than once. How naive I was. Now that Jonathan has been supplementing with formula he is like a totally different kid. Top it off with the fact that he is congested and it makes for some incredibly gross stories. Here are a few highlights.
Saturday was the night Jonathan first started getting really sick. We were all lying in bed watching CSI: Miami--thank you paper clip, and Jonathan was sucking down a bottle. Now He had nursed, and had one bottle and now he was working on two. I knew in my head that this seemed like too much for a little tiny baby, but he really acted like he wanted it. Plus I am still grappling with the concept that my baby was not gaining weight at all. So I let him have it. He burped and everything seemed to be fine. He finished and lay contented if not drugged. After about 15 mins I sat him upright. Again everything seemed fine. a few minutes later the geyser erupted. I am not talking spit up I am talking rotten milk, empty your stomach projectile vomiting all over our sheets (This is why Everette, in his anal retentive wisdom, makes me wash the dirty sheets as soon as we change them).
Another time Jonathan was looking festive in his Christmas Jammies and adorable reindeer hat pictures to come). So I thought I would have an impromptu photo session. Things were going well, I had an alert, happy, smiley baby. All of a sudden his dinner appeared on his festive jammies. Thankfully, his outfit had puckered at the top and the spit up collected into a nice neat little pool, unfortunately I was hoping to have him wear it the next day so his gramma and granpa could see him. Fortunately, I got lots of pictures. Which by the way, you will see soon, it is just that the camera is downstairs and I am too lazy to walk down and get it.

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