Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A rant

Nay... a tirade.
I am quickly losing my faith (well whatever was left) in our medical system. Most specifically in the world of pediatrics. I am not a medical expert but the one thing I do know is that Antibiotics do NOT fix everything. They are not the cure for the common cold.
I should back up a little.
Jonathan has a fever. This is his third day and he just (on friday) finished a round of amoxicillin for an ear infection. It has dropped from 102 to 100, but it is still a fever. So I realize at this point I may need to call in the "experts" (I use that term very loosely). I called the nurse today. I told her the situation. She says this, "is he acting any different today?" Which is probably a generally good question to ask. Save one thing, My child is superman. He rarely ever acts different than the generally agreeable person that he is. Case in point. Two weeks ago I brought him to the dr for other reasons. She found an ear infection. Jonathan has had probably six ear infections in his short life. I have only brought him to the dr because I suspected one. Every other one has been diagnosed at check ups (and one when he had pink eye). So when I tried to explain to the nurse that he hadn't been acting any differently any of these days she simply dismissed me and thought I was crazy. And maybe I am who knows? So then out of irritation she asks me "do you want him seen?" What kind of question is this? If I wanted him seen by the dr why would I call the nurse. I would simply call the front desk tell them my son has a fever and I want a sick-day appointment. I have done it before. I was calling the nurse for *gasp* advice! Options! Anything!
I am not afraid of a fever. If Jonathan has a virus and we just need to wait it out. Fine. I just thought I would call the nurse and say... "hey my kid has a fever, he has had one for a couple of days. Should I be worried? Could this be something I am not suspecting? I don't know... you are the medical professionals? You tell me. " What a waste.
The verdict settled on waiting another day (since the fever had gone down) and if it was gone, cancel the 9:10 appointment. Which she then lectured me about the responsibilities of calling and canceling the appointment since it was a sick appoint ment, and "we are in the peak of sick season and we want to treat all the patients we can"
How come all this crap happens when Everette is out of town?
Thanks for listening.
p.s. While I welcome any comments comiserating or sympathizing with me. Or even disagreeing please don't write in and tell me what might be wrong with my kid. I don't want to hear it. No offense. I just think I might explode and turn into the incredible hulk.


Annie said...

Megan, I hear you. I do think doctors today are WAY too quick to treat things with medicine. I rarely had medicine when I was little, and I still wonder about the wisdom even of giving Tylenol to my girls when they have a fever. A fever is the body's way of fighting infection, right? So why get rid of the fever? (Unless it's unreasonably high...)

I hope he feels better soon. And I've canceled a sick appointment with Dr. Miller, too. Don't worry about it. Sorry she gave you a guilt trip!

Angie said...


So sorry this happened to you! Do you and Jonathan feel better yet? Can I bring you anything? A little wine and/or margaritas always does the trick!

amberbahler said...

I'm with you on this. I'm pretty leary of the "system" or "establishment" in general but in the past 6 months, I've interpreted a number of medical/insurance/prescription medication meetings where the entire discussion is from a business perspective and generally related to getting more new customers-cough- I mean patients-and getting current ones in the door. I know doctors and other medical professionals must earn money to survive just like I do but I find myself asking- "How can I be sure that my doctor's advice is always based on my best interest rather than the bottom line?"

melissa said...

I understand, sweetie. You just want him to feel better and for someone to 1. care, and 2. do what is going to make him feel better. I have been there many times. I hope he's doing better. xoxo