Monday, February 2, 2009

All Business

Two important items before I get started. First of all, Everette has recently added another service to his ever expanding list of business ventures. He can now read your ancient floppy disk and retrieve the data for you. You can visit his website to check it out. He can also read zip disks as well. So if you have any data stuck on an old floppy disk that you need you know where to find us!

Secondly. Jonathan for many months now has shown a strong propensity to all things geeky. He LOVES to "type" on his dad's keyboard. In fact, he often Instant Messages me--it is very cute!
Today we were downstairs and he was digging in his toy basket and playing with his toys and when I looked down this is what I saw...He lined up his pop-up toy, his train with lots of buttons that make noises, and his V-tech Smile (i.e. baby computer).

He turned them on and sat there feverishly pushing buttons. It was so hilarious to me.

For those of you who have been to our new house you might recognize this set-up.

It is very similar to Everette's office layout. His desks are in a U-shape. His work computer to the left, his home computer in the center, and his "project" computers to the right (the ones he fixes for people).Here is Everette in his office, you might see four monitors, and think, "what? she only mentioned three computers?" Don't be fooled-this is only two of them. His "project" computer wouldn't fit in the shot. He has two monitors at each of his computers, and yes, one of his work monitors is bigger than most people's TV.

In other news, my parents stopped by for lunch one day bringing a DELICIOUS Sam's Club pizza, Jonathan threw a fit with every food I tried to give him (including pizza toppings), until he hijacked my mom's piece of pizza and removed all the toppings, then he was quite content.
Stuffing the stolen pizza into his mouth!He was quite hilarious flopping that pizza all over the place.

See.. content!

And finally, recently we have been having issues with diapers that.. uhh runneth over.
So Saturday he went through three pairs of pants, and I was done with wasting cute clothes, so I dug out the sweatpants with elastic at the bottom (a.k.a. dork pants) and stopped changing his shirts to match.
This is what you get, notice the socks on the outside of the pants.

And in closing, someday I am going to make of photo book of pictures of Jonathan and sell it to make millions of dollars, not just because he is cute (because let's face it--he totally is). It will be like Where's Waldo? canine version. It will be "Where's Max?" Because he somehow manages to appear in every single dang picture I take of this kid. Even when I don't even realize he is around. It is both hilarious and incredible frustrating.


Anonymous said...

i remember having issues with diapers leaking/running over a ton.. it usually ended up that E needed the next size up diaper, even though her weight wasn't in the "right" size... she was tall enough that it wasn't working anymore.... maybe that would help?

amberbahler said...

I think your son is a genius!! His 3 part baby computer is great! I giggled off an on for a couple days about it!