Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Jig Is Up!!!

So today I was getting Jonathan from the nursery after church and talking to one of the attendants there. I mentioned that Jonathan was not walking quite yet. And she said, "oh, yeah you mean not more than a few steps." and I said "WHAT!?!?!" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN MORE THAN A FEW STEPS?!" And she said, "you know he takes a few little steps around things."
My reply, "Oh yea, like he holds onto things and walks around?"
And she said, "no, on his own. In between things, he would let go and take a few steps to the next object. I assumed you knew."
We all knew Jonathan could walk if he wanted to. Apparently he is moonlighting as a bipedal toddler (Who knew I would ever use that word in a blog). Now it is time to really crack down. It just goes to show that even if you stay home with your kid, you will never witness every first milestone. Thankfully, I am so laid back and good-natured (I keep telling myself this).
In other news...
Here are a few things Jonathan is doing and learning to do, that I have witnessed.
1. Jonathan is a headbutter, he headbutts everything. The wall, the dog (well his leg), our heads, the door, the bath tub. He does it intentionally. It is a sign of affection. If you are holding Jonathan and you lean into him and say "I love you" he will squish his head against yours (be careful-one wrong move can leave you with a headache, black eye, or a broken nose) and wiggle his head back and forth against yours. It is VERY cute.
2. He has learned to pull his lips in and make a fishy face.
3. He is learning to "use" the word 'no'.
4. His personality is emerging more and more everyday. He has strong opinions about certain things (I cannot imagine where he would get this).
5. He most recently makes a face that is identical to Everette. It might be difficult to explain, but if you are ever around you could spot it a mile away. He tilts his face up slightly, juts out his chin, with this growly grin, and squints his eyes.
6. He laughs like "The Count" on Sesame St.
7. He has recently found the toliet brush and the plunger in our bathroom. Yes, lovely, I know.
8. He loves to go to the front window and look at people when they leave. He waves and says "bye".
9. He is the fastest crawler in the west.
10. He hates brushing his teeth.
11. He loves to push the cart at the grocery store. (I steer and he pushes behind)-it is absolutely adorable!!!
12. He can blow bubbles in the water. (this may be more of a milestone than walking in his daddy's eyes).
I just realized that I have a dozen things and I feel like I am just getting started. I am sure that is more than enough baby gushing.
Hopefully, I can get pictures of a few of these things soon!

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Angie Oswalt said...

Hi Megan! I loved reading all the things Jonathan's up to! I can totally imagine that face you were describing in #5! Let's get the kiddos together; I think they'd have a ton of fun! ~Angie