Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Answer

Winn Dixie, for those of you ignorant people from the North is a southern (south eastern) grocery chain.
There happens to be one five minutes from the grammas in Selma.
We took five trips today to make dinner.
I am not joking.
I say "the grammas" because in the sprawling metropolis that is Selma they all live within a 1/2 mile of each other. I have built a map of some of the highlights of Selma. Click on the bubbles to see the commentary. In fact click on the "Selma" link below the map as there are a few points not visible in the tiny version of the map. Please, please. I wasted a lot of time on this.
Welcome to my world people.

View Selma in a larger map

1 comment:

Annie said...

How did Everette end up in Lafayette?

I'm impressed with your map. I clicked on your points of interest, as well as the little Selma link below.

I love the South. Love it.