Thursday, September 3, 2009

Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider, Girls go to Mars to get more candy bars...

The other night, Everette and I had a conversation that I think, nicely exemplifies the conversations we have quite often. I wouldn't say they are typical, but I also wouldn't say they are rare. Here you can see the differences in our brain and thought processes

E: Oh, my mom said yes.
M: That's great!
E: But she is having surgery and she is concerned about lifting
M:(looking very confused and slightly annoyed) well, isn't your dad around? can't he get it down? I can come pick it up.
E: (now it is his turn to look at me like I am an alien) Uhh? What are you talking about?
M: What are you talking about?
E: I am talking about my parents watching Jonathan on Saturday when we go to the Purdue Game. She wants to double check with my dad before she says yes for sure.
M: OHHHHHHH! (the 7500 Watt light bulb snapping on in my head).
E: What the heck were you talking about?
M: Uhh, I emailed your mom a couple of days ago and asked her if she had a canning pot and other supplies.
E: Oh.... what did she say?
M: Nothing, that is what I thought you were telling me.
E: Ohhhh..... we should plant the beans out on the edge of the garden next year, where they will get more sun.
M: yeah, good idea. Could you pass the potatoes?

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amberbahler said...

We do that every once in a while...but what's a little grosser about us is that I can often figure out what Brock will say before he says it. Case in point- I was making homemade bread a couple nights ago and said to Brock "Hey can you come over here and see if you think this has fully risen?" (And I was thinking. "He's going to say "It has risen, it has risen, indeed." I just hope he actually looks at it before he says it.") and then he says "It has risen, it has risen indeed." And I yelled "Come check it, first!!" and then he responded with (and I hadn't predicted this one at all) "I believe in faith." What a turd!