Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did I Ever Tell You About The Time...

I made Everette fall in love with me?
I am feeling a little nostalgic lately. As hilarious as my life is currently, I have a whole stockpile of humiliating moments and hilarious stories from before I ever started this blog.

I was a sophomore in college when Everette and I started hanging out. I have to confess I was totally attracted to Everette because of his car. It was suhweeet! I never would have considered myself one of those shallow girls drawn to a man's material possessions, but turns out I was.

Everette drove a 1992 Ford....
Aerostar Minivan
It was white, like freshly fallen snow. A sight to behold. It was sexy...
kind of like this...
All joking aside I totally fell in love with Everette driving around in that van.
I cried the day we traded that van in.

Anyway, since Everette had access to a van, he drove all of our friends around to various different activities.
Including a trip to Indy to see Third Day.
I planned this trip. A huge fan of Third Day I saw this as a perfect opportunity to spend more time with Everette. He and I discussed details as we planned the trip. Needless to say, I was excited when that frigid day in February arrived. It was a little icy, but we were young and stupid so we headed down anyway. The van was full. I honestly can't remember where I sat on the way down, because that part wasn't important.
At the Pepsi Coliseum, I managed to score myself a seat between Everette and my sister, who met us down there.
Bebo Norman opened and things were fabulous.
Halfway through Bebo, I felt this strange sensation in my stomach.
'That's odd,' I thought. I began to feel a little nauseous. Not to be deterred, I thought maybe I had just gotten a little hungry, I begged my sister to go get me a sprite to see if that would help settle my stomach. No luck. Every minute I began to feel worse. My nausea got more intense, I began to break out into a cold sweat. My head began to pound. The flu came out of nowhere, slammed into my body like semi truck. Defeated I slumped down into my seat and nursed my Sprite, consoling myself with the fact, that at least I could still see.
Until Third Day came out.
To Be Continued...


Everette said...

Thats not a picture of the van. It had really cool gray side quarter panels all the way around!

Jason said...

I remember this trip very well. On the way home, you were in the way back and I was one seat forward. I forget who handed you the trash can, but I remember thinking that I have never heard anyone throw up so quietly. Truly amazing!

Megan said...

I hate to break it to you Jason, but you were sitting right next to me. Trust me... when one vomits in a car full of people, one remembers exactly where everyone is sitting. Plus, you were my shining beacon of hope... if you recall we pulled into Taco Bell and you spoke up that you didn't really want Taco Bell. I was sure the small of Taco Bell would send me over the edge.
So we went to Wendy's instead. Where I would have been fine if Steve Heinold (who was sitting in front of me) didn't order Chili. That was the straw. I do recall you commenting on my quiet vomit, and do recall being oddly encouraged by that. I guess if even one person left impressed verses totally disgusted, I thought I could recover from this traumatizing situation. I am glad I could impress you with my amazing vomiting sklls.