Saturday, September 12, 2009

Join the Club

Last weekend, Labor Day Weekend, I did something I have never done before. Ever. In My whole life. It is something millions of other Americans do on a weekly basis. Something my husband has done at least 24 times in his life.
Something I never knew I always wanted to do.
Something five years ago you couldn't have made me do without chloroform or a baseball bat.
Something I avoided my entire college career....

I went to a Purdue football game.

Everette bought tickets to the Purdue-Toledo game and he took me to my first Purdue football game. Everette's parents fed us breakfast and watched Jonathan while we went to the game.
Everette and I at his parents house before the game, the
flash wasn't on... sorry.

I think more than anything I was looking forward to spending an afternoon with my husband all by myself, with 20 other people squished into our bleacher row.

In college, the idea of standing for four hours with thousands of sweaty, loud intoxicated strangers just didn't appeal to me. Not to mention that being a choir nerd I pretty much thought sports were retarded. Oh yeah, plus I was totally clumsy and unathletic (FYI- mozilla spell check says I should use nonathletic, but I am feeling rebellious). I blame my parents (aren't you supposed to blame your parents for these things?).
Anyway after five (almost six) years of marraige, I have come to appreciate and even enjoy football.
I was still a little nervous about going to the game. Since for most of my formative years, football represented everything I was against. In the ways of football stadiums, I, as my huband pointed out, am culturally obtuse. I was not familiar with the rituals and customs of attending a college football game. I was seriously hoping not to embarrass myself.
Me-nervous and excited in the van on the way to the game.

This is Everette's excited face. Not to be confused with his contented face, nervous face, surprised face, angry face, frightened face, confused face, etc.

Everette was my champion: giving me some spending money, letting me wear his only Purdue shirt. Walking with me to get my $25 coke. Answering all my dumb questions quietly so no one around me would hear and laugh at my ignorance. And even posing for a bunch of pictures, a true act of Love, if you ask Everette.
See, multiple pictures. We had to redo our picture since,
the other one was blurry and dark.

See, now we're pushing it.
p.s. I think one of my most favorite things about the game,
was seeing Everette in that gold(enrod) t-shirt he borrowed
from his youngest brother. It was sooo supah sexy!

The game as some of you know, was pretty great. We had great seats, and I learned a few things.
1. Baton twirling is the dumbest "sport" ever (sorry for any of you baton twirling friends of mine)--I totally think it is lame.
2. I missed my calling. I should have been in the Purdue Marching Band. I could have been those people on the sidelines who hold the bandstand and spot the band leader. I mean how hard is that?
3. No one is safe from the Swine Flu. The Golden Girl was out with it... I mean the Golden Girl. Who can escape it's evil clutches?
4.Hot Dogs do not taste better when you have to pay $5 for them.
5. Bleachers are not for those with personal space issues.

See how close we were! Row 18!!!

See, we were so close I could smell the sweat, or maybe that was the bajillion people all squished in around us.
In all seriousness, I had a great time, when can we go again, honey?

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