Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HOLEY SH-E-ET! I'm on Fire!

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Holey Sheet!

I was out of town last week, with my mother-in-law, helping her clean out her mother's house. I got home after an eleven hour drive at 9:30 PM, Saturday night.
You could say, I was pretty wiped.
Everette did a great job of holding down the fort while I was gone, all the laundry was done, the dishes were at least in the dishwasher, and the garden had been weeded. The bed was only halfway made, but you can't hold that against him, he has some sort of traumatic psychosis when it comes to bed making. He just can't do it. But I can't blame him, because I have the same psychosis when it comes to all other housework (we're a great team).
We were headed to bed, and I had mustered all my remaining strength to straighten the bed, then I lifted up the covers and prepared to sink cozily into my favorite sheets ( I may have mentioned them here before, though I can't find it--they are 1000 TC And they are NOT (repeat NOT) Sateen. Sateen sheets are total conartists. THey promise high thread counts and smooth sleeping, but they do not deliver).
Anyway, I digress... where was I? Oh yes, sinking my travel weary body into dreamy sheets.
As I lifted the covers, Everette chose that moment to say, "Oh,yeah, there's a hole in the sheet."

"What!?!?!!?" I rip off the blankets and to my complete horror there was a GIANT hole in the bottom sheet.
I sighed. and sat deflated on the edge of the bed. I tried to place a towel over it, but since it was right where my feet were there was nothing I could do.
I laid on the bed, in stunned silence. Everette didn't really know what to do. I was on the brink of tears. I know it seems silly, but I FREAKING loved those sheets. More than.... well, a lot of things.

Everette was quick to promise that we could get more, but they won't be the same. And the worst part is, I think I did it. It happened before on some stupid sateen sheets we had, in the same spot. I think I have restless leg in my sleep coupled with sharp jabbing skin spikes on my heel, leads me to believe I wear through the fabric with my heels.

I am still in mourning.

I'm on Fire
well, not me, but my parents woke up this morning at 4:30 AM to a house filled with smoke.  As it turns out, they had a small electrical fire. It burned itself out, the damage was minimal, and every one is ok; but it still made for an exciting morning.
And no matter how calmly it is explained, there is something very unnerving about hearing that your childhood home was on fire.

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Michelle said...

Megan--we just got a hole in our bottom sheet too! Right by Brian's feet. I don't know if we got them at the same time or not, but maybe they just only have so much life in them. I also cried. Big weepy tears. They have been the.best. sheets.