Thursday, June 3, 2010


ths post s wrtten wthout any " "s, because that's what happens when your two year old son fnds your laptop on the coffee table. To a 2 yr old the most logcal thng to do wth a laptop s to rp off the keys. t happened a few weeks ago.  We had some frends over and n an attempt to talk n peace we let hm watch Dnosaur Tran on my laptop.  When we came over to check on hm he had taken the "" key off of the keyboard and rolled t up lke a swss cake roll (speakng of... one of those sounds delcous rght now). We were able to salvage the key, but you have to really press down hard to make the letter "i" to show up so most of the tme  I have to go back and retype where I mssed the letter "".  Which I am refusng to do for ths post.
 The next day,   went upstars and when  came down  found 7 keys removed, thankfully none were crnkled, but I am not sure  have ever been that mad at my son, to date. t was one of those angers that you just have to leave to room, because f you open your mouth or attempt any form of dscplne you wll lose your own self- control, and well, that would be bad you know.

Speakng of keys, we had a voce message on Tuesday from CVS Extra Care sayng that they had located our keys.
Uhh... what keys?
Everette, dd you lose keys? hmmm...
Our frst thought was that Everette dropped the church keys somewhere, so I went lookng for them.
I went out the to truck (I unlocked it from the house), but when  went out to the the truck, the glove compartment and the center console were open, and things definately looked rummaged through.  And the keys and the car charger, and his multi-purpose tool were no where to be found.


I called Everette down and he went to check things out.   I was headed to Indy for the day with my mother-n-law (under the guise of a fun outing, only later to learn her plan was to trap me in the hot sweaty car with my son for two and a half hours-I kid I kid!). So I called from the car, and they gacve me the number of the Sherriff.
As t turns out someone found the keys on the ground n our neighborhood, and there had been several other breakns n our neighborhood, the cars had all been unlocked. So we filed a polce report and when on about our day. Thnkng it was over and we really hadn't come out too bad, considering on many occasons Everette had been known to leave his wallet in his truck.
Although for the lfe of us, Everette and I can't figure out why they ddn't take the James Taylor Chrstmas CD in the truck.
And ts defntely tme to fnd a new guard dog.

Interestingly, the very next day, a representative from Protech security systems was at my door tryng to sell me a securty system. coincidence, I think not.
Especally,  snce they seemed shocked when  I said no.

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Annie said...

Megan, you're funny.

And, I was really confused about the call from CVS, if the keys were in your neighborhood, but then I remembered that a lot of those little cards on your keyring have a number to call if they're found. Is that how it worked?

Crazy. Bob's iPod was stolen out of his car at our last house, but now we're just really careful to lock the cars. Or at least I am...