Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Just so you know I have been trying to blog for days now but blogger wouldn't let me. Seriously, it wasn't my fault.  I mean we have some heavy stuff going on.

For one. My sister is in Africa. umm..Yeah,  Africa!!!!!
What the crap!?!?

I keep thinking of her at the most bizarre moments... for which I am grateful, because I use those moments to pray for her... That God would protect her from... well
Everything, she is in Africa!!!
From malaria, lions, crazy attack chickens on the bus, rhinos, monkeys.
Maybe you didn't hear me, she is in Africa!

The first time I randomly thought of her, I was in my van and Ray LaMontagne's "Shelter" came on.. which of course made me cry like a baby because.... my sister is in AFRICA.

The next time I randomly thought of her was late at night a few days ago,  As you know we don't have cable, and you might also know when you only have a few antennae channels things get interesting late at night, so our best option was PBS fundraiser special, which after many years of Celtic Women , has now become Straight No Chaser.
And their big finish closing number  is none other than TOTO's Africa.
 It was obviously some kind of sign.

For the record, I hate it when people refer to the entire continent of Africa  like a country.  It's like saying you were going on a trip to North America when you were really just going to Canada.
Laura is spending most of her time in Uganda with a short stint in Rwanda.

I tried to embed a map  but it wasn't working and I didn't have the patience to figure it out, so you can google it for your self.
P.S. Just in case there are any guys reading this, and happen to be impressed by my sister's backpacking trip alone (with two other girls), wrestling lions and working at orphanages. She's single. But I will warn  you, this girl's a treasure and her brother and I don't plan to let just anybody have her.

 My sister has many facets....

Many many facets.

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Annie said...

We're praying for her, too ... and can't wait to hear all about it!