Friday, November 9, 2007

12:57 AM.. who says those college days are gone?

I don't understand why everyone says your life is over after you have a kid. People say to me your late nights are far things haven't been farther from the truth. I mean in college I stayed up regularly until midnight at least (often 2 AM). Well here it is 12:57 and I am WIDE awake. Just like the good old days. In college I spent my late nights hanging with my roommates watching movies, crying and indulging in midnight snacks. So far there is a lot of that going on now... only differences are my roommate is a one month old boy and his crying is a LOT louder and so far he is the only one snacking (on the plus side I am burning calories while he is eating). But really I don't see what the fuss is about. If I just popped some popcorn it would be just like the good old days. (ooo wow... that was a REALLY LOUD scream). Also on the positive side my jaw has progressed from feeling like I was hit by a semi to just one really good punch in the jaw.

Everette's parents came over yesterday and made me dinner and his mom spent the night to help with Jonathan. It was wonderful! We also took a bath (really just Jonathan but we helped... umm that would be weird). But here are some fabulously adorable pictures. Don't worry they are all PG thanks to one strategically placed rubber duck.

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