Sunday, November 4, 2007

Super Fun Weekend

I know that I had a really fun weekend, my problem is that I absolutely cannot remember what I did on Friday. Saturday Everette and I met for a spontaneous dinner at Olive Garden. It was quite fun. The evening got even better when we went over to see my brother and sister-in-law. Who we have not seen in FOREVER! It was so great to see them and spend time with them. Which brings me to more serious thoughts. It is interesting how people keep telling me that they are amazed at how calm and together I am since Jonathan was born. Quite frankly, my life is easy. It is people like my brother and his wife that are amazing. Both full time teachers, with two kids under five and one on the way. Quite frankly I don't know how they do it, and they manage to do it all while keeping their sanity. They are great parents and they manage to find time to do things with their kids and each other. I truly am impressed with them, especially in light of recent events where they seem to be bombarded with one thing after another in this already insanely busy season of their life. So Michelle and Brian... hats off to you. Your kids are amazing, you are amazing. I hope my kids turn out as good as yours. It is an honor to know you and call you my family. Love you lots! I am praying for rest for you all!

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Michelle said...

Awww, thanks Megan! We certainly feel like we're just barely holding it all together. I am home tomorrow with two sick kids. Hopefully restful for all of us. Good luck with your teeth tomorrow.