Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So Everette and I went to Selma Alabama for Thanksgiving. Both of his grandmothers and his aunt and his cousin live there (or reasonably close). It was the first time most of them got to meet Jonathan. One of Everette's grandmother's is unable to travel. She is barely able to walk. We were all excited for her to meet Jonathan. It was so neat, she was so excited. It made the long trip worth it. Which speaking of the long trip... Jonathan was amazingly quiet during this trip. He barely made a peep the whole way down and the whole way back. Everette and I were worried we would spend 12 hours listening to a screaming baby. But he was amazing.
The whole trip was great.. exhausting, but great. It was nice to spend time with Everette's family and it was encouraging to see how Everette and I worked well together on our long trip south.
Here are some pictures!

Jonathan slept the whole way down!

Everette and Grammy and Jonathan, at Grammy's Place.

Grammommie finally got Jonathan to be quiet.


Michelle said...

Great pics! Especially the ones with Grammy!

Anonymous said...

that is soooo sweet! i love your updates and seeing baby johnathan as he grows!


Amber said...

These pictures are soo precious! I always think it's neat when several different generations in one family see one another and take pictures!

missy said...

I love the last picture - how sweet! What a keeper! I'm glad your trip went well. :)