Friday, November 16, 2007

No Escape

There are many wonderful things about Everette working from home, I get to spend my day with my favorite person. He gets extra time with Jonathan, I mean who else gets to have a midday cuddle with their son and their husband during the week? And I also usually have some interaction with an adult every day!
The downside however is that when Everette has a bad day at the office, it is very hard to leave it at the office. This is exacerbated when Jonathan happens to be having a bad day. It isn't like Everette comes home from a bad day at the office, and hanging out with a crying baby is at least different (doubtfully better). He has been hanging out with a crying baby and a stressed out wife as well as dealing with stressful work situations. These days require us to be extra kind and extra patient. We are not always so good at, thankfully Everette has a great job and Jonathan is a great kid so these days are few and far between.

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