Thursday, March 5, 2009

As if...

First of all, my apologies for my blog silence. There are three main reasons.
1. last week Everette and my mom and my in-laws were all out of town and Jonathan happen to get sick. He had Roseola (fever and a rash). It wasn't anything major, but it did make me a prisoner in my own home for four or five days. That was rough. It made me realize again, how fortunate we are to have family so close by, and even more so how fortunate I am to have parents that are semi retired. Whew!
2. last Saturday I photographed a wedding and every spare moment I have on the computer has been spent editing pictures. I promise to post some later.
3. when I haven't been editing photos. I have been addicted to this blog. Thank you Annie for hooking me up with the pioneer woman!
But now onto more exciting news! My birthday present has arrived! From Everette that is.
He won an auction on ebay for a little 10" laptop. It is white and adorable.
It is going to be down in the kitchen. Hence the post of this title. As if we needed another computer. I find it ironic sometimes that there a many families I know that only have one computer. I am pretty sure (don't test me though) that I could survive without my cell phone. But I truly couldn't imagine my life with out my computer or what is more, the internet.
We use it for everything around here.
Phone book, cookbook, maps, encyclopedia, news, tv (cable--go hulu!)
I don't even want to count how many computers we have over here. Any way, we have been thinking it would be nice to have a computer downstairs so that i could talk to everette and look up recipes and check my email (as if I couldn't do that enough). We also attend several meetings where it would be nice to have acess to the web or even to type notes.
So here we go.
It doesn't have anything fancy on it like microsoft word, but it does have a webcam so we can skype daddy when he is out of town.
Here are some pictures.
as you can see the keyboard is tiny. so I apologize for the multitude of typos to follow!

surprise I posted a few from the wedding.

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Annie said...


We should get to know each other better. We have so much in common ... I've been looking at a 10in. laptop for my kitchen, too! And when's your birthday? Mine's on Tuesday (the 10th. Is that a Tuesday?).

And I'm glad you like Pioneer Woman. When I found her, I started reading her archives; I just couldn't get enough. I've tried some of her recipes and liked them (though she sometimes uses too much salt), too.

I think I'd rather give up my cell phone than the internet, too. It's a luxury I can't imagine life without! :) I look up recipes, stream music/NPR programs, look up phone numbers; you name it, I do it on the computer!