Monday, May 4, 2009


Imagine my surprise...uhhh...shock...dismay...fright...horror...sheer terror. Yeah, that sounds about right.

This morning I remembered that the dry cleaners were dropping off Everette's suit (stay tuned to find out how we managed to score free dry cleaning delivery service)... So I swung open the front door to hang the hook next to my new wreath ( I got only two weeks ago)
The pretty yellow one in the middle!!!!
I noticed that there was some mud above the wreath.
"that's odd", I thought, but it blows like the prairie out here so I didn't think it was too strange. Then I took a second look, and this is what I saw...."yes, Megan, there are branches on the wreath, and we see your pretty white dry cleaning hook. maybe you need to get out more."
Look again....
If you'll remember I said I have only had this for two weeks. So I knew that this nest was new, it had not been abandoned. It was just above my height so I couldn't see in (not that I wanted to). At that moment I realized that I was standing inside my house, holding open my front door (that opens in). With a serious case of "the willies", I quickly (but carefully) slammed the door shut. My first thought was to begin screaming hysterically (I was already doing that on the inside). My curiosity to see what was in it began to grow. I was definitely not interested in peeking over the top, I considered going to get Everette. Then I remembered that Everette was actually working, and if he wasn't here I would have to be a big girl and do things for myself.
Then I remembered my phone was in my pocket. Thank GOD for modern technology. I flipped open my phone, tentatively stuck my hand over the nest and snapped a photo.Three perfect little robin's eggs. Armed with digital proof, I ran upstairs to Everette's office, busted breathless through the door saying, "EVERETTE, guess what is hanging on our front door!?!" Even Everette was impressed.
Me:"What are we gonna do? Do we move it?"
E: "Well if you don't want bird crap all over our front porch. You can just pick it up and ..."
M:"WHOA! What do you mean "me"? I'm not moving that thing! YOU'RE moving it!"
E: "Oh, Just get some gloves..."
M:"No freakin' way. If ever there was a "man job" this is it!!! I AM NOT TOUCHING THAT THING!"
I left before he had a chance to throw down "the Man Card."

So feeling a little braver I got out my real camera and took a few more pictures.

So for now a bird's nest sits on my front door.
I would now like a chance to defend myself. If this nest were on my porch or even in the porch light, or anywhere else in our yard. I would be all for this! I remember we had a robin's nest on our deck growing up. It was super cool and a great science lesson.
But we are talking my front door, people!!! Which means at any moment a bird could fly IN my house. I am NOT down with that!!!

So if anyone has any ideas on how to move the nest without disturbing the nest and the possibility of the mother coming back, I would be glad to hear them.
I really do not want a real life version of, Are You My Mother?


Anonymous said...

You really shouldn't move it. The mother might abandon the babies. Wouldn't want that would you?

Angie O. said...

Very cool pictures of the eggs, and your wreath is very pretty! I have no suggestions for you though, sorry! :)

amberbahler said...

wow! Those Robin's eggs are REALLY blue..and to think that I always thought that "Robin's egg blue" was just a saying..