Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day

As I said, it has been a busy few weeks. On Mother's Day we had both of our families over for an afternoon of fun and food (remember the carrot cake). Some of you may know that the Mills are sporty, and the Greene's are... chatty. We may have found the perfect combination. We had a rousing game of kickball. A game of relatively low athletic ability, that allows for both competition and conversation.
a fancy plane flew by to get us started
Getting our kickball on!
Maybe if we space ourselves out a bit, people will actually think we are actually playing.
So you can't really see this picture very well, but in the center Jonathan is standing with his hands up because he is celebrating the fact that he just threw that giant blue ball!
The kids were climbing on the sandbox and the jungle gym.

Bob-O and Mary wiggling their toes in the sand.

Even Everette was in good spirits!
Like Father Like Son!
Grant the super-stud!
Yes mom, you can have a copy of this!
Synchronized baby crawling!Laura and Gramma Betty.Jonathan is not too sure about all of these festivities.
It's the Greene girls!What the heck! Get that thing outta my face!
Even Max got in on the fun, oh Max!
Watch out Elijah!

this is a very dark picture of the mother's day presents we made for our mothers, Everette found this project in his Home Handyman, we worked together to frame up these four platform plant stands. They are made out of cedar and they smell delicious. THen our respective siblings bought pots and plants. Alright eeverybody, let's pack it up! Time for nye-nye!


Annie said...

The plant stands are impressive! What a nice gift.

Michelle said...

Great pictures, Meg!