Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Score one for the evil empire/bird update

I have several friends and loved ones with strong convictions about Wal-Mart, while I share some of their feelings, there are also other reasons I avoid wal-mart.
1. Their produce is TERRIBLE
2. The store is almost always packed.
3. It gives me a headache.
however, there are some days when I find myself there. Such was the case a few days ago. I was stopping in to grab some milk and a few other essentials.
Imagine my surprise when I strolled down the milk aisle and found Fair Oaks Milk.
A local Indiana dairy that produces milk without anitbiotics and growth hormones. I know that there are other stores in town that carry it, but even Meijer who claims to carry local food from local growers, doesn't have Fair Oaks Milk.

Also.... for those tiny few of you who care about the bird's nest, it is still on my front door. Where it might actually stay. A decision has yet to be made. We did however have a confirmed mama bird sighting, when my mom tried to peek into the nest.
For now our front door is barred shut.

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amberbahler said...

Smile! I'm one of the crazies who hates Wal-mart...but most of the time, like you, it's just because their produce is terrible, most of the stores are filthy, and it's packed (and thus, gives me a headache). But, last Fall, after I hadn't gone into a Wal-mart in a long time, I stopped at one to pick up a few items and was amazed at how much cheaper their prices were than my neighborhood store. (I promptly went a little nuts and bought everything I thought we would need for the next month-yikes!) So, once in a while, Wal-mart wins in my book.