Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick Confession

I have so many things to tell you about.. but there is just so little time!
This will have to do for now.. . I just had the most divine lunch.
Yesterday we had mother's day at my house. More on the festivities later.
My grandmother made her world famous potato salad, my brother made delicious pork roast, and divine carrot cake.

so for lunch today, I ate potato salad right out of the tupperware container (trust me it is better that way). Then I polished it of with carrot cake.
But this carrot cake I must tell you about.
My brother made it (his kids helped) because he loves his wife.
In fact, they were packing up to go, Michelle asked if anyone else wanted more carrot cake, thinking she meant right now, I stupidly said no. Then later as we were divying up the rest of the leftovers i realized what she really meant. Then I grabbed some tupperware ad made a mad dash to the street to retrieve some out of the back of here van.
So today, I opened up the container, stuck in my fork and took a bite. It was amazing, but it was missing something. Milk. Fair Oaks Milk. Right out of the jug. There was no time for plates or glasses, I thought I was doing pretty good to be using a fork, instead of licking the icing of of the lid.

THere is something in drinking the milk straight from the jug when no one is around to watch that is so satisfying.
So Michelle, thank you for enduring three c-sections, countless hours of whining, sleepless nights, and an often times pain-in-the-butt husband (he's my brother-I can say these things), so that you could be a mother, so that he (Brian) could appreciate all the things you put up with, and love you so, as to make a deliciousl carrot cake, and take it to my house to celebrate mother's day, thus leaving several pieces at my house to enjoy.
p.s. I ate the snicker's salad last night otherwise I would have been posting about that!
God Bless summer.... and picnic food!

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bethany said...

i didn't realize that having babies could raise my potential for divine carrot cake! hmmm...