Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Educational Moment

Having just finished dinner, I feel compelled to give you some life changing information.
I have a jillion things to do, but I have to stop and share with you. I am not making this up, I literally have a jillion things to do.
First I must apologize for any typos. My fingers are on fire. A friend, who will remain nameless (except to say her name might make you think she was a bottle of perfume in a mall kiosk. You KNOW I love you!), gave me two jalapeno peppers. And I stupidly cut them up with my bare hands to make salsa. They are the hottest jalapeno peppers ever. My hands are all tingly now.
Anyway, everybody is raving about the health benefits of olive oil these days. While I am not disputing them, I have to say, the recent limelight of olive oil has left an older more traditional cooking medium in the shadows.
That's right I am talking about butter.
Write these three ingredients down.

Vidalia onions.


They will change your life.
Olive oil is great, but I am telling you butter is better. You don't need much, just a tablespoon. You can could even go 50/50 butter and oil. But these three ingredients when combined are amazing.
They are a party in your mouth. But not a college party with kegs and beer pong.
More like a grown up dinner party, where you drink wine and discuss the state of the nation, the kind with two forks and cloth napkins.
You can throw any other vegetable in, but the onions will outshine them all.
Another tip, I recommend pressing your garlic, because the more you cut garlic before you cut it the more pungent it will be. If you are not a big fan of garlic chop them in big chunks or leave them whole. But seriously, press it, you won't be disappointed. And it is hard to get too much. I could cut six onions and eat them all myself. You can put them on burgers or brats or just shovel them into your mouth with a fork.
Make it tomorrow. I promise you won't regret it.
Don't forget the butter.
Your taste buds will thank you.
Excuse me while I soak my fingers in an ice bath (or maybe yogurt, I heard that works).


Annie said...

Though I use olive oil instead of butter, I'm with you on the key ingredients to any good thing (garlic & onions). I don't like onions raw and would pick them out of anything, but sauteed with garlic? Heaven.

melissa said...

Meg... if you like mushrooms, add them to the mix. You'll never go back.

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

I'm impressed that you cut anything, especially jalapeno peppers, with your bare hands. You're like, James Bond-ian. Maybe MacGuiver.

Amber said...

hehe :)

Anonymous said...

putting your hands in milk is suppose to work well too