Thursday, August 27, 2009

Worse than Swine Flu

Botchulism is a disease that causes respiratory failure and paralysis, and a bunch of other unpleasant stuff. It isn't something I have ever really worried about. I had heard of it, but it wasn't too much of a threat to me or my loved ones.
But it has recently become a very real threat in my home. I am canning.
I thought about doing it last year, but never had the nerve. Today I mustered my courage and canned me some salsa.
I found a recipe I liked, did some research and canned me some salsa.
Sanitize jars and lids-check
Keep jars and lids warm until canning-- check
make sure recipe has lime juice to keep acidity high enough to prevent botulism--check

Of course after I put the first batch in the pot I read a website that said "Never use fresh lime juice, always bottled" Oops!

My instructions said to boil for 15 mins. Then I found another website that said cook for 30 mins when cold canning.
My instructions said take jars out of boiling water immediately and let cool in a draft free environment.
then I found another website that said let the jars cool in the water.
Botchulism here we come!
If no one hears from us for a few days this winter, call for help!
I made 7 half pint jars of salsa, very small batch, I know, but I figured i would keep it small for the first go around. Out of the 7 jars, only three sealed, so I have to reprocess the other four.
Who wants to come over for tacos?!?!?!

Here are the jars that didn't seal
here are the jars that did! Oh no! How will we tell them apart?
Earlier in the week I made some peach freezer jam. And I have some blueberries I was thinking of trying too!

In other news, Jonathan is just the most fun. He continues to be easy going, and more observational than exploratory. He definitely takes a moment to size up the situation before he decides to participate. Given enough time he will usually join in.
It is so fun to see him "playing" by himself. He loves his Little Peoples and his cars. I likes to carry them from one room to the other and line them up. Put them in the barn and take them out. Several times a day I enter a room to find this...
Our biggest problems currently are: 1. he is tall enough to reach nearly every counter.
2.He has developed a LOVE for ink pens. I came downstairs once to find him "decorating" my computer keyboard. 3. We just can't get him to stop feeding the dog. He is super sneaky about it!

Today he has a head full of snot and I tried to get a picture of him and he sneezed and this is what I got.
Sorry I couldn't resist.
Here's take two.

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amberbahler said...

Best of luck on the canning! I have canned tomatoes (for chili, tomato sauce, etc) with pretty good luck and it's not too difficult. I also did salsa when we lived in Indy and, no botulism but it was DISGUSTING! I ended up just throwing it in the chili with the other tomatoes.