Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Rite of Passage

This weekend we are spending with Everette's Family in Hilton Head South Carolina. We are having some quality family time.
We encountered a childhood rite of passage. Jonathan got his first bee sting.
We were at the pool and I was holding him facing out. Everette and I noticed a bee flying around and he managed to fly between Jonathan and me. Before we even knew what was happening the bee was caught in Jonathan's hair and he reached back too grab it, the bee stung his head.
Jonathan cried and it swelled a little, but after some benedryl, some Tylenol, a snack and a little nap, he seemed to be making a comeback.

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Michelle said...

Yuck! How awful, Meg. I'm sure it was hard on everyone to see him hurt that way. Elijah just got one last week when we were walking Carter. It just flew up and stung him next to his mouth. So weird! I hope you are having a great time otherwise.