Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting there is half the battle

Currently, I am sitting in the new Indianapolis airport, waiting to board our nonstop flight to La Guardia. I have already consumed a hot cup of coffee, and Everette has already sent 36 emails.
If there were ever any doubts that Everette loved me, I am sure of it now. He left his work computer at home. And as we got out of the car he left his work phone in the van.
Our flight is delayed until 5:03... here's hoping it wont' be any longer. Our flight is super crowded, so that should be fun.
Regardless, It is going to be awesome...
I think I mentioned earlier that we decided not to check our bags... it's only 3 days, how hard could it be.
Difficult, as it turns out.
Considering, Everette's shoes take up 75 % of the suitcase space.  But we did it. And here is evidence to prove.

 Traveling with Everette is... an... adventure.
On one hand he does it all the time, and knows EVERYTHING, you need to know. He also has a pretty good system for maneuvering his way through airports swiftly.
On the other hand he does it all the time and he doesn't particularly enjoy it.
For me, flying is still fun. I don't do it all the time, so I still enjoy people watching, and exploring airports.  Especially once I am through security.
Everette, however, from the moment he steps off the shuttle, he is in some sort of derby race with invisible horses, and sprints out of the gate in a dead run.
He will not stop until he gets to his gate.
We get off the shuttle and Everette cranks up his already brisk walking pace to Olympic speed walking.  He bolts to the security line. Once he reaches the line he maniacally maneuvers his luggage through the winding lane ropes used to herd people like cattle through the detectors. He almost took one out.
Once he reaches the x-ray  machine he slips off his shoes rips out his computer and liquids shoves his bags (and mine-whether I was ready or not) through the machine.

Everette is a great man, but I would not want to be in battle with him. He does not subscribe to the "never leave a man behind" motto.  He operates under, you snooze you loose.
Everette scoops up all of our crap and tosses it onto the table, where he proceeds put his shoes back in and repack the bags. I however, still trying to figure out where I am, am left bewildered. I begin to collect myself and begin the task of redressing myself, as I practically had to completely disrobe to make it through security. I had to remove my shoes, my sweater, my insulin pump, and my bracelets. (yes,I could have left the bracelets at home, but the day I stop accessorizing is the day the terrorists win!). I barely had my sweater on, and I looked up and Everette had taken our bags and left. So I with one shoe half on and my sweater tucked in my pants grabbed my purse and followed after.
Begging him to slow down. He did not. He runs on the moving sidewalks. Once we made it through security, in my mind, I thought.. ok, breathe. look around.  find coffee, and food. and restrooms.
Everette was I put my foot down and told him I was going to get coffee and I would just meet him at our gate. He asked me for a mocha and kept on walking.
More later.

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