Friday, October 1, 2010

I Have a really good explanation

for my absence. I really do.
We have been potty training Jonathan for the past...three weeks.
And lest you ask how it is going, let me just say that we are still potty training.  we haven't trained we are still training.
And quite frankly when I sit down at the end of the day I am too pooped to come up with anything interesting to say. Not to mention, Everette and I have been trading sickness.  Nothing horrific. Just congestion and sore throats.  Like swallowing glass, sore throats.
In the midst of all of this we celebrated Jonathan's third birthday. In fact, I sat down on his birthday to write an adorable mushy lovey post about his unending sweetness, but as it turns out, he was a giant turd that day.
Like, skip-the-bedtime-routine-go-to-bed-thirty-minutes-early turd.  And while I didn't end the day wishing he had never been born, I certainly did not feel like regaling is eternal delightfulness.

The weekend before is birthday was delightful, we went to the Whistle Stop in Monon for breakfast on Saturday. And had a great time, and I took lots of great pictures. And if I ever unload them, You will be the first to see them.

This is such a super boring post, but I knew I had to do something, since I am pretty sure only my mom reads this anymore.
But I will return someday. (Are you tired of all my non-committed empty promises?)


Angie said...

Your mom isn't the only one who reads your posts! :)

Annie said...

"too pooped:

"giant turd"

Yep. Potty training on the brain.

Good luck!